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Daniel Kurland, GIZORAMA - "I thought it was a mistake when I saw this game.

It couldn’t actually exist. There’s no reason for it to be a real thing; no event, or pop culture phenomena to justify why the (alleged) time, money, and manpower was funneled into this game.

And yet, I could pick up the game. I could insert it into my 3DS, signs that confirmed that–yes, this game was real by all accounts and measures. And yet, why?

Why, everyone?

So perhaps it was the natural masochist within me (I did just play through Superman; The New Adventures to completion not long ago), but I decided that my purpose here was to play this game. Play this game to its limit to perhaps understand the “whyness” of it all. Who knows, maybe it’d even be refreshing fun.

It’s not.

But we’ll get to that."

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