Atomic Gamer Preview: Resident Evil 5

Matt Cabral reports:

''Heading into this year's E3, Capcom's follow-up to their series-saving Resident Evil 4 was at the top of my must-play list; after a string of ho-hum sequels, RE4 reestablished the fright-filled franchise as the premier survival horror series, while also setting it up with some skyrocketing expectations for its next-gen debut. Thankfully, my hands-on time with the highly anticipated title did not disappoint, leaving my trigger finger happy, my neck hairs standing, and my shorts nearly soiled.

RE4 broke visual barriers on the GameCube, delivering the underpowered platform's prettiest title, and RE5 seems to be building on that trend. Quite simply, it looks amazing, sporting-like RE4-a gritty, realistic presentation further complemented by an African setting; the added focus on well-lit locales makes for some stunning lighting and shadowing effects, contrasting and complementing each other with scary realism. The excellent visual showcase also extends to head-shot-poppin' protagonist Chris Redfield; either RE5 is zooming the camera closer, or Chris is a lot bigger than RE4's Leon Kennedy, as he sports an impressive hulking presence. His ripped arms and back-saddled with a highly detailed array of weapons-make Leon look like one of those Final Fantasy pretty-boys-or girls.''

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