Yuzo Koshiro Shows Off Streets of Rage 4 Concept Art

Streets of Rage’s iconic DJ showcases forgotten character concept art from Streets of Rage 4.

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DarkSniper1222d ago

Another one of Sega's classics that are only forgotten in their own deluded minds. The Streets of Rage trilogy on the Genesis/Mega Drive is by far some of the best beat em up action ever known to man.

Dark Sniper would be glad to see Yuzo Koshiro produce more hits in a Streets of Rage sequel which is long overdue.


dead_pixels1222d ago

Well said, man. Another product of Sega's post-Stolar era blunders.

3-4-51221d ago

Streets of Rage 2 is a top 5 side scrolling beat em up game ever.

Good graphics, music,controls,bad guys, levels/stages.

Would love to see the revival of this series.

bradleejones1222d ago

Streets of Rage is still great. Haven't played 3, but still have 1 & 2.

diesoft1221d ago

Do yourself a favor and play 3, too. Get any number of collections that have them and go to town.

If you've never heard of streets of rage remake, play that as it is the best version of them and it's a free fangame. A lot of love went into it and it shows.

bradleejones1221d ago

Thanks, man. Never heard of the remake. Will have to check it out. Again, thanks. Bubble up for being helpful.

dead_pixels1221d ago

The remake really is fantastic. The developers at BomberGames even added new sprites based on characters from the game's cover art as a special treat for fans. It's really an exceptional effort that every fan should play, cease & desist letters be damned.

bradleejones1221d ago

Wow, got to download it now!

diesoft1221d ago

That was the worst part of the whole saga. They've been making versions for many, many years (over 10, I think) and even asked sega many times for permissions with the general attitude of "Whatever, we don't really care".

Until the final version came out (which was better than anything sega ever did) and then boom, c&d letter. If you ask me, sega was embarassed fans made an even better version for FREE.

miyamoto1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I hope he considers making the sequel SOR4 or a remake

dead_pixels1222d ago

That'd be awesome, but as he's just the man behind the game's music he's not quite the man for the job.

miyamoto1221d ago

Nope, he is also co-creator the games. He and his sister (artist and programmer) made the games like Shinobi 2 and 3, SOR 1 2 & 3, Legend of Oasis. They have a studio in Japan called Ancient.

dead_pixels1221d ago

Really? I'm familiar with all of his work at Ancient, but I've only seen Noriyoshi Ohba credited with producing the games, and Yuzo playing the role of composer. And yeah, I know his sister did the character designs as well. Hell of a talented family!

diesoft1221d ago

I don't think it's just his call, though.

I mean, during the kickstarter I asked the shenmue 3 team if they would bring out an HD master of shenmue 1 and 2 and they said it was out of their hands as sega still owned those (and I'm unfamiliar with why/how he can do that without them since I thought they would own it outright, too, but what do I know). I would assume that would be the same case as sega owns the streets of rage ip and chooses to do almost nothing with it except the occasional compilation package.

But I'm all for it, too. Remake, sequel, WHATEVER, I just need more streets of rage in my life (and yuzo's music, let's face it: it helped define the games' atmosphere).

miyamoto1221d ago

Gonna visit Fighting Force if it was really the Streets of Rage "sequel" they wanted it to be...

bbad1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Streets of Rage 4 with Batman Arkham series fighting style, two buttons combos and finishers. Do it Sega and redeem yourself.

diesoft1221d ago

Thought the same thing myself. I love the arkham fighting style so much I want to put it in many, many beat-em-ups.

Do it, Sega. Redeem yourself.

Gears_President1221d ago

Loved the series if they make it next Gen I'm on board.