Why I’m Sold on No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky has no doubt been a highlight title for PS4 owners to look forward to, but some remain skeptical of this new title. This is how TZR's Ben finally got sold.

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SaveFerris1101d ago

Day one for me since it was first shown at VGX 2013.

ArchangelMike1101d ago

Same here. I really hope the rumours are true that they are holding back on a release date becaue they are testing it out for Project Morpheus.

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lipton1011101d ago

I'm going to give it about 2 weeks after release. Just in case. It's very ambitious which is why.

3-4-51101d ago

* I'm completely ok with just flying around, trading, discovering, buying new ships, fighting other ships, trying to find my favorite planets, naming planets, the journey itself.

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ChouDa1101d ago

I can see this game being a time sink. A time sink that I would be all about.

Skyrim, you were good to me... but now... I have NMS.

SmokingMonkey1101d ago

"It's 3:30 AM?! OK just one more planet, then straight to bed."

GrubsterBeater1101d ago

I had to give my girlfriend a verbal disclaimer stating that she could not be mad at me when I get this game and Fallout 4. "Come to bed!", "NOO!, I'm in the middle of an intergalactic conflict for. Xan'a'reth's resources, woman!!!"

SmokingMonkey1101d ago


"Winter is coming."

Yetter1101d ago

@GurbsterBeater I'm pretty lucky in that regard. Girlfriend is a huge Fallout fan. Means I gotta get two copies but we will both be up until 4AM on a regular basis when that game comes out

GrubsterBeater1101d ago

@ SmokingMonkey
RIP Henchman No. 24 lol

I wish my girlfriend was more into the games I am, she just likes SNES games, which happens to be on my top 3 consoles of all time. I got her playing Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, and FF6 :)

Rimeskeem1101d ago

I think i will have to put a limit on myself to 10 planets a day

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LamerTamer1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

I used to be an explorer like you, then I took a laser in the knee.

Sir_Simba1101d ago

I just love exploration, even in star citizen all I care about is transportation, fps and trades.

GrubsterBeater1101d ago

This game is what me and my friends wished and dreamed would be possible like 15 years ago. Space battles, space exploration, mining for resources... I feel like I'm gonna have a siezure when I think about playing this game. My body is so ready for Hello Games' masterpiece that is No Man's Sky :)

bjmartynhak1101d ago

The game is fine if it is a game for you. Simple as that.

And people will still get "disappointed". Because somehow they refused to see that the game was not for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.