Atomic Gamer Review: Soul Calibur IV

Jeff Buckland writes:

''The last time we saw Soul Calibur, the third installment didn't really seem to impress many people. Released on the PS2 and Xbox a few years ago, it came at an inopportune time and didn't add enough to the formula to make a huge difference to most gamers. It was solid, but for those who had played the hell out of SC2, the sequel just wasn't new enough. Namco has taken this into account for the creation of Soul Calibur IV, the first HD installment in the series, and one that's definitely worthy of the Soul Calibur name.

With plenty of new characters, tons of moves, and a complex new character creation and item system, you'll find yourself digging deep into building and customizing your favorite new fighter - either make one from scratch or tweak an existing combatant, then choose between any of them at the character select screen. Before long you'll be fiddling with monocles, trying to figure out how to lose 5 Gauge stat and gain 10 Special in order for that new special ability, and fighting your way to victory in both online and offline matches.''

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