Until Dawn Developer and Their Supermassive History With Sony

English developer Supermassive Games have quickly become a name that PlayStation owners recognize. Since being founded in 2008, the studio has been on the forefront of new technology in gaming, having helped usher in PlayStation Move and Wonderbook. Even if those two peripherals didn’t set the gaming world ablaze, they did however tighten the developer’s relationship with Sony, as they are now working with them on Until Dawn — the studio’s biggest project to date.

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SaveFerris1195d ago

If this goes well then maybe we can get a sequel called... Until Dusk

BitbyDeath1194d ago

I'd be happy if they just added subheaders to it.

Until Dawn : Haunted House

robtion1193d ago

I think you mean From Dusk.

DarkOcelet1195d ago

Supermassive has a great chance to show off their talent with Until Dawn. We should support more publishers like those because they might end up being the next big thing.

Naughty Dog started small and look where they are now.

Anyway, hopefully the game is great and successful.

jonboi241195d ago

If this Until Dawn is siccesful successful wouldn't br surprise to see them be a part of Sony WorldWide Studios.

badboyz091194d ago

sony still hasn't signed Quantic Dream.

italiangamer1194d ago

Patience is a virtue, they bought Sucker Punch after years of collaboration and 2 IPs. They will do it one day, David Cage even said he would love to be part of Worldwide Studios.

njulo1195d ago

Hope the game is massive and takes longer to complete.

BitbyDeath1194d ago

9 hours is what they touted last year.

Yahdaree1194d ago

Ya it's nine hours. It has 1000+ different ways to play it though, so 9000 hours of content! I'm super excited to play this with my wife.