IGN: Naughty Dog Q&A

IGN: When Naughty Dog's Richard Lemerchand came into town recently, we took the opportunity to sit down with him to chew the cud on a life lived working for the Santa Monica studio. While the agenda of the day was meant to be about Uncharted's imminent trophy patch – which you can read more about in our US counterpart's interview with Arne Meyer - we couldn't help but stray a little off topic with someone working for one of the most interesting studios at work today, who filled us in on how Naughty Dog has evolved from its iconic Crash Bandicoot to the breezy blockbuster Uncharted and the future for Sony's PlayStation 3.

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TheHater3708d ago

he stated something about the PSN have some more tricks coming. I wonder what those are.

Lifendz3708d ago

it's got me pumped. Good stuff out of Naughty Dog. Can't wait to revisit this classic game.

meepmoopmeep3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

i like the path that some of Sony's 1st party studios are taking. breaking away from their tried and true to venture into other genres/art directions. that's sign of a good developer when they can branch out to other realms that they're not accustomed to.

ND has blessed me with an addition to a favorite franchise and i can't wait to get the trophy system in it. but i'm so hyped for an Uncharted: Atlantis even more though!

callahan093708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Yeah, I think it's safe to say that 2.40 was just the beginning in terms of adding features & functionality to the PS3 and PSN.

Here's what I like about Sony: they seem to really know how to make their inhouse developers happy. You don't see developer's getting upset at Sony and fighting amongst themselves, you don't really seen any controversy with the teams, you don't have guys abandoning ship. It seems like they like to work with each other a lot, and they have a good rapport with Sony as a company. Like this man in the interview said, Sony helps to foster relationships between their development partners. It really shines through with the Sony-published offerings. I really believe that of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, Sony publishes the greatest diversity and number of high-quality titles that push the bounds of their respective genres and the industry as a whole. Properties like Warhawk, Ratchet, Uncharted, Resistance, God of War, InFamous, Socom, Jak, Sly Cooper, LittleBigPlanet... these are all really exciting games to have under your belt.

gaffyh3708d ago

Very Good Q&A, I'm expecting they announce their next game at GC.

SixTwoTwo3708d ago

IGN: So when's the big reveal going to be?
Richard Lemarchand: You won't have to wait too long for it.

Uncharted sequel at Leipzig confirmed >_<

yanikins1113708d ago


agreed. doing things like giving resistance 2 the xmas market instead of having the times switched with kz2. Although i think you meant 2nd party....

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jkhan3708d ago

Well I am guessing there will be some announcement from them at Leipzig. They have been working on something for the past 8-9 months. I am pretty sure its going to be Uncharted 2.
Just make the game longer and couple of varied environments and i am one happy gamer:D


They can wait a little bit longer for the sequel . So many games that i haven't finish yet for the ps3 . They should till wait after GOD OF WAR 3

DaTruth3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

I'm glad trophies will give me an excuse to play this through again.(off topic) I wish the combat in GTA4 was based on Uncharted combat system, That would have made that game!

In fact, They should have some urban areas, but looking at the structure of the last game that might be difficult.

yog-sothot3708d ago

I don't know what would excite me the most. Uncharted, Jak or a completely new IP... The three could be awesome as Naughty Dog is such a great studio.

beavis4play3708d ago

how about jak during first half of '09 and uncharted 2 at xmas of '09? (i know,i know....wishful thinking)
but whatever they do, i can't wait to find out. hopefully at leipzig.

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