Four Reasons I Can't Get Excited About the Marvel/Telltale Collaberation

Why this geek is weary of the upcoming video game/comic book company dream team-up.

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PhoenixUp1218d ago

I forgot this thing even existed. Man does Telltale have a broad range of IPs licensed to them.

It'd be interesting if this game had an original main character meeting up with other iconic Marvel characters.

Lonnie181218d ago

I can't get excited simply because it would take forever for each episode.

Jmanzare1218d ago

They did an excellent job with wolf among us and the walking dead which are both comics

DualWielding1218d ago

They have to announce the marvel characters they'll be using before I get excited

TeamLeaptrade1218d ago

I love Telltale games and what they've done over the years. Thing is, when I think of Marvel, I think action packed, and not point and click story driven. I think of something like the Batman Arkham city, a game like that in the Marvel universe.

I'm sure it'll work, but I don't know if it'll really appeal to me all that much. I suppose we'll see when it comes out.