MS: Xbox LIVE Arcade is a "boutique store"

Today at Develop Conference 2008 XNA group general manager Chris Satchell delivered a Business Keynote entitled 'The Broadening Imperative'. Duiring his presentation he outlined ways in which Microsoft is working to bring a broader range of gaming experiences to the Xbox 360 console to appeal to a growing diverse range of gamers.

One topic of discussion focused on the platform holder's two-pronged strategy to ensure creative gaming experiences find their way on to the Xbox platform. We're talking about Xbox LIVE Arcade and the Xbox LIVE Community Games channel.

Speaking about Xbox LIVE Arcade, Satchell said:

"That's a premium channel... this should be like going into a very high end department store, let's call it a boutique store. You could fall over and find something good to play. Every content has Achievements, it's going to have leaderboards, it's going to be good quality level, it's not going to crash. Everything about it is going to be a premium experience. What that does is make it a very safe place for consumers to go and purchase. That's important"

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