Far Cry 4 Complete Edition listed with U.S. box art and release details

Far Cry 4 Complete Edition on PS4 and Xbox One has been listed with the U.S. box art and release details.

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crazychris41241073d ago

They should have released it this month. Sept 1st is already busy with Mad Max and MGS 5

adaminoregon1073d ago

I knew waiting was a good idea for this game.

pivotplease1073d ago

Except the games been available for $20 multiple times and this will be full price. So yeah...there wasn't really a reason to wait when just getting the original with DLC is probably cheaper.

raWfodog1073d ago

But this too will go down in price over time. I'm in no rush to play it so I can still wait.

pivotplease1072d ago

Also true. Just saying $20 is a cheap entry point to avoid playing a game a year and a half after it comes out. It was pretty amazing at release but I could see it being kind of dated by that time. Then again, I didn't play Demon's Souls until years after release and still loved it. Obviously a completely different experience though since FPS never age as gracefully and become replaceable far more easily.

FlameWater1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

80% steam sale for this glorified expansion

Lonnie181073d ago

lol at this complete edition, big fan of Far Cry but no thanks as the dlc for FC4 were horrible!

pivotplease1072d ago

Really was terrible. Would have preferred something more out there like how Blood Dragon was.

Lonnie181072d ago

Yes blood dragon was awesome.

the_dark_one1073d ago

Oh yeah, smart releasing it on first september, right on the same day a MGS and mad max. Thats a way to see sales being abysmal, still im sure many wore waitting for this version to drop before picking it up the main game, me included, but MGS as my heart for september and provably for a long time after that

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The story is too old to be commented.