I Played The Chuck Norris Video Game

Tracey John of MTV Blog writes:

In his mobile phone game, that is. While in GameLoft's pimped-out hummer during E3, I got to play the new Chuck Norris mobile phone game called "Chuck Norris: Bring The Pain."

Made in conjunction with cult website and the Texas Ranger himself, the game includes loading screens that give such great Chuck-isms as "On Chuck Norris' phone, there are no loading times" or "Chuck Norris makes onions cry."

As for the story, the game is a classic beat-em-up that revolves around the martial arts hero rescuing hostages and saving America from the invading Communist threat. I played the first level where the rogue Soviet army was holding POWs hostage in Cambodia, using the 2, 6 and 8 buttons to navigate as well as 5 to fire Chuck's weapon at enemies.

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