I Love The Order: 1886 - Are Linear Games a Dying Breed?

"Recently, I’ve been playing some very big releases of 2015; The Witcher: Wild Hunt, Arkham Knight, and just to kill a few minutes – Far Cry 4 What do all three of these titles have in common? – The Open-World Experience. Something that I feel is becoming shoehorned into every ‘AAA’ title that is being released this generation… This is awesome for the consumer who likes to get as much “bang for their buck”, and even more importantly, the gamer – hours upon hours of content to just get lost in. Great right? For me this imposes a concern, or at least an observation, and some questions along the way. -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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DJustinUNCHAIND1218d ago

Linear games will always have their place but that doesn't mean we can't demand more of them.

The Order is a bad example of a good linear game.

Max Payne 3 is probably the best linear game I've ever played, because the gameplay was top-notch and the action was absolutely brutal.

Uncharted 2 is also a great example of a quality linear game. The gameplay isn't as tight as Max Payne but the overall production and experience is extremely well done.

SaveFerris1218d ago

I hope we haven't seen the last of The Order. I understand it was meant to be the start of a franchise but would Sony commit to a sequel based on the reception and sales of the game?

sonarus1218d ago

I am yet to play the order but i will definitely give it a chance. PS4 generation is about 2 years old and to be honest i am already tired of these open world games.

Majority of the games this gen have been open world even games that have traditionally not been such. And i am already bored with the open world concept. I just hope open world doesnt screw up MGS for me.

Cindy-rella1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

The order 1886 is my favourite game this generation so far. I love the story, gameplay and style of the game which were all in high quality and well done. I also appreciated that the game didnt require any patches or suffered from any issues like glitches like a lot of games. A lot of games are open world which is ok but they often lack direction at times. Most open world games are about fetching things which is ok.

The order 1886 is by far the best looking game graphically this generation on any gaming system. The production value is the best ive seen in any game ever. Everything from sound, graphics, animation, art style, physics, etc are all top notch. Amazing game. Hope there is a sequel

fermcr1218d ago

The Order 1886 is not a good liner game. I like linear games, but The Order 1886 is average at best.

Aloy-Boyfriend1218d ago

I have to agree! I was gonna buy it but that Angry Joe review was spot on

T9001218d ago

Yep Order 1886 was a disaster, only people defending it are hardcore Sony fans.

Angry Joe review was spot on.

johndoe112111218d ago


You cannot say a review was spot on if you never played a game. Yes we may all play the same exact game but the impact of it or how we felt about the experience may not be the same.fo3 you to say it was spot on would mean you played it and came out with the exact same feelings as him. You did not, so you have no grounds to base your opinion on.

Saito1218d ago

You guys are pure examples of simplistic sense of views

Septic1218d ago

Yup that Angry Joe review was spot on. It's almost like he copied everything in my review ;)

Lets stop defending that game. If you enjoyed it, fair enough but if the game was to ever get a sequel, it would need to be reworked at its very core.

turdburgler10801218d ago

You could say it's...ordinary;)

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christian hour1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Max Payne 1 & 2 are even better linear games than max payne 3 ;)

Alan Wake is another great linear game (originally started out as an open world game, but due to the narrative they wanted to go with and the type of story, linear suited it much better)

Remedy make GREAT linear games.

As do Naughty Dog.

Well worth owning an xb1 and ps4 to experience just how great these developers are.

Linear games are not a dying breed, every game genre has its place and purpose, there's room for everybody.

brigggggz1218d ago

Agreed. The MP games are all fantastic. I find the Bioshock trilogy to be amazing as well. These are a little bit less linear than Max Payne, but pretty much follow a set story line.

DJustinUNCHAIND1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I enjoyed all of them but Max Payne 3 was so brutal and visceral. Plus it was rewardingly difficult.

The music was also top-notch.

In my top 5 for last-gen, easily.

If they make it backwards Compatible on X1, I'll flip.

christian hour1218d ago


I only enjoyed bioshock 1 (the least linear of the 3), bioshock 2 was a phoned in game rushed out the door to cash in on the success of the first, and bioshock:infinite was the most linear game I'd ever played (WARNING! HYPERBOLE! Not actually the most linear game i've played).

I try to give it the benefit of the doubt by thinking they were trying to be meta by making an "on rails" shooter where you're pretty much being led down a straight road (and rails are a core gameplay element too, SO META!) the whole time with very little sandbox fights the first 2 were known for.

But I honestly don't think that was the case, it wasn't another commentary on gaming like "would you kindly".

So in my eyes it fell short, and its dimension hopping antics have been done better elsewhere before.

God im a fickle bitch sometimes.

medman1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I enjoyed The Order:1886 a great deal. It had a compelling story, great gunplay and imaginative weaponry, and interesting lore.... the one area where I thought it fell short was with the lore....what was there was great, there just wasn't enough of it. Ready at Dawn could have gone into far greater detail on the history of The Order, and in particular the backstory and motivation of the knights, particularly Igraine and Galahad. But other than that, it was solid. Very solid.

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crazychris41241218d ago

Haven't played it yet but from I've seen they could open it up a little more and give you the choice and the tools to go in guns blazing or stealth like Wolfenstein The New Order.

Erik73571218d ago

Stealth sections were complete GARBAGE in the game lol

The guns were fun to use though.

gangsta_red1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Yea, The Order actually tried to do things different by tacking on some stealth like missions. It was pretty bad how they handled it.

A game like The Order would only benefit being more open so you can explore that world.

The 10th Rider1218d ago

I don't think the problem was that it wasn't open enough in terms of choices or the world, it's just that it was very restrictive in general. Forcing you to walk from one cut-scene to the next, things like that. What would really benefit it would be more interactivity, I guess. Maybe take a few pointers from point and click adventure games. That way between the cut-scenes or the gunplay you'd still have things to do.

The only other major complaint I have is that the boss fights were a letdown.

WeAreLegion1218d ago

They DO give you that choice. For some reason, reviewers failed to mention that. Or they're just stupid. One of the two.

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leemo191218d ago

The Order 1886 problem wasn't it being linear really, it was not enough gameplay. Too many long cutscenes is what really hurt it.

Erik73571218d ago

The order had a weak story,bad AI,and had horrible stealth sections.

johndoe112111218d ago

There was absolutely nothing weak about the story in the order. It may have had its issues but the story definitely wasn't one of them. The Order had one of the best stories of any game this gen. But hey, trolls gotta troll right?

Erik73571218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Apparently criticizing a game is trolling for a PS fanboy?

This is coming from someone who kinda liked the game...the ending was complete garbage and should of focusing more on lycans and having more screen time for them(pretty much the best part of the game were the lycans)
Now I will admit the atmosphere and the universe to the order were VERY good...but that does not always mean a good plot.

The best story of this gen?LOL

kneon1218d ago

For me the weak point was the character development, not the story. But that is true of almost every game, few actually do character development well.

The 10th Rider1218d ago

It wasn't really that the story was weak, it just didn't seem to go anywhere for me. The prospect of Werewolves in a steampunk Victorian London was incredibly exciting and the story brought everything it needed...It just didn't seem as ambitious as it could've been. It's obvious they wanted to make a sequel or a DLC expansion, maybe we'll see one.

Other than it's pretty good. There are a few lines of dialogue that are particularly cringe-worthy, but for the most part it's solid.

YungDragon1218d ago

Isn't weak story also a matter of opinion? I loved what The Order did story-wise. Yes there were areas that needed improvement, but that can be said of ANY game that has ever released, and will release. It amazes me how people will place there opinion of ANYTHING (not aimed at you) and spout it as fact. We all know reviews are glorified opinions in any genre. I don't get why people don't just decide for themselves if they like a game or not, and not work so hard to force someone to like it or dislike it

thisismytag1218d ago

I really liked the gameplay, but, the story never went anywhere. It was this uncomfortable advancement with little meaningful character development or plot structure. It would make for a great novel if Ready at Dawn has the chance to flesh out the backstory.

Sonyslave31218d ago

Are linear games a dying breed really lol?

Just because The Order suck doesn't mean linear games are a dying breed.

jb2271218d ago

Nice little troll but I'm genuinely curious, putting aside indies & remasters how many linear story driven AAA games can you recall from the past year or two? Wolfenstein, The Order, Ryse, Alien Isolation, The Evil Within? Are there any others at all? I'm finding it fairly hard to come up with even ten, and as I'm thinking I'm coming across 3 open worlds to every one linear type game.

MasterCornholio1218d ago

Uncharted 4 will prove once again how good linear games can be.

Don't dismiss it by calling it an open world game. The developer made it very clear that it's a linear title.

Also Ratchett and Clank looks pretty good for a linear game as well so does Quantum Break.