Jolt UK: The Golden Age of Video Games

Jolt reports:

''The golden age of videogames has not been and gone. In fact, it's not even close to having arrived.

If you look back in history, it's not difficult to pick out classic films, books, songs and plays that stand the test of time and may well be remembered in generations to come. Even board games have classics that have survived decades or centuries. Can you think of a single videogame, in all honesty, that might endure in this way?

Okay, that's not a fair question. Videogaming as we know it has barely been around for a few decades, while those other mediums are in some cases as old as civilisation. The point is that they are understood, universal and static. Languages might change and styles may evolve, but the format is always the same. Videogames, on the other hand, are still progressing and growing more quickly than we can keep up with.

Put it this way: in order to enter a golden age of gaming, the games industry has to stop growing and the technology has to stop changing. Just as we think we understand what gaming is and might declare the true classics, the entire playing field changes nearly beyond recognition. Cinema has been around for 100 years, but only now are we almost in a position to make films that will truly stand the test of time for generations to come – high definition, digital storage and near lifelike special effects will mean that movies don't age to nearly the degree they have done in the past.''

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