5 Nintendo 64 Game Sequels Gamers Are Dying to Play

A lot of Nintendo 64 game sequels have waited in the hearts of fans for years. Nintendo ran the show back in the 90s. Its increasable games left players wanting to farther their love for the games by playing more. After years have passed, fans are still longing for these Nintendo 64 game sequels to release in some way or another.

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DirtyPete1194d ago

I would want a squeal to DK 64. That game was awesome if it wasn't so damn hard

RJ920091194d ago

Yes yes and more yes been waiting so long for this

3-4-51194d ago

* Quest 64 2
* Mario 64-2
* Snowboard Kids 3/4
* Bomberman 64-3
* Mystical Ninja 3
* Pilot Wings 64-2

MrSwankSinatra1194d ago

It really is a missed opportunity that Nintendo never made a Pokemon Snap for the Wii U. Especially when the GamePad lends itself greatly to that type of game.

Munnkyman1194d ago

I want me some battletanx, my friends and I had sooooo much fun playing that

Kribwalker1194d ago

Battle tanks was awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.