Activision CEO on Destiny: 'We got a lot more right than we got wrong'

Activision and Bungie collaborated for one of the biggest game launches last year and now we are coming up to the one year mark since Destiny was released. To reflect on what the game has been, Activision spoke about some of the things that Destiny got right and the things it could've done better.

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It's a generic first person shooter with less content in its core game. Even with the expansions it's still lacking any charm or substance

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They got a lot more luckily, like players not caring about a lack of story and the overall world being so shallow, than they did right.

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That's called "blind" or ignorance... Or just stupid. But hey, there are a lot more and far more better games out there

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I think the majority of it was just releasing earlier this generation than other games that are coming out this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.