Project Morpheus Coming to Switzerland and Germany for 3 More Events

VRFocus reports on the news that Project Morpheus will be heading to be Germany and Switzerland for more events later this year.

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SmokingMonkey1195d ago

I can't wait to try VR, RIGS looks awesome to me. Virtual On with head tracked controls will add the speed Mech Battles need.

I will take the Project Morpheus Pill on Day 1

SteamPowered1195d ago

Vox Machinae is a demo for the DK2 involving Mechs. It is quite simply amazing (as are a lot of the VR demos on Oculus.Share).

The mech is a great way to move around at high speed without feeling motion sickness. You can jump, fly, shoot, run, hover, and all at a good pace. Since the Mech has shock absorbers and a constant point of reference (the cockpit) it really makes a hectic experience very smooth.

I think without the cockpit and such it would be a very jarring experience.

Check the Oculus.Share site for yourself. There are lots of revolutionary ideas that will be coming our way soon.

Yetter1195d ago

I'm going to Tokyo game show this year (which actually terrifies me a little bit). Really hoping I get some hands on with it. Never tried any sort of modern VR

MartinB1051192d ago

Arrive early. If it's anything like GamesCom, I arrived 30 minutes before the exhibition opened, went straight for Morpheus and still had to wait in line over an hour to play it. They were turning people away from the line easily before 10:00.

They also didn't allow players to choose which game to play either; it was random based on which station became free when it was your turn. I got Battlezone; my brother got Kitchen. Other games available were London Heist, EVE: Valkyrie, Super Hyper Cube, Playroom VR (multiplayer) and maybe one other that I don't remember.

Yetter1192d ago

awesome, thanks for the advice :)