Hearthstone leads digital card games as they become ‘a dominant category,’ SuperData finds

Digital collectible card games (CCGs) brought in $1.2 billion last year and should rise by another $100 million this year, analyst SuperData Research said in a new study released this morning.

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ColManischewitz1197d ago

Hearthstone and SolForge get a lot of my gaming money now.

Takwin1197d ago

On a game this good and this fun, I have no problem plopping down $50 for 40 packs per full expansion, and then $25 for the adventure mode expansions.

You get one free pack per week from Tavern Brawl and earn 3 packs per week just doing the super quick and easy quests.

2 hours per week (or less) easily nets you 4 packs.