Bungie Revealed Why They’re Replacing Peter Dinklage as Ghost

In a recent video interview with Game Informer Bungie has finally explained that the reason had nothing to do with his performance.

In the interview with Game Informer, executive producer Mark Noseworthy revealed that the reason why there replacing Peter Dinklage was due to “Hollywood nonsense.”

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GigawattConduit1196d ago

Is Dinklage slated for anything else besides Thrones? Can't believe he'd do Pixels over this.

2cents1196d ago

I thought his donkey kong impression was quite good in the trailer.

Almost as much effort in that performance as in the destiny voice over


Army_of_Darkness1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I'm sure any actor would choose pixels over this video game voice acting gig lol!

crxss1195d ago

Nolan north as replacement is a good choice. Everyone likes his commentary in uncharted so why not destiny? Hopefully the ghost becomes more personable

Mehmeh1195d ago

He sure is, but his voice alone is not near enough to get Destinys narrative right. Nolan is great but that doesnt change the fact that the story is written so poorly. No VA will make it better :P

3-4-51196d ago

Just because he's good on a tv show doesn't mean it automatically translates to him being a good voice actor, and even then, maybe he just wasn't in the write mood while recording it...

He was boring...I didn't mind it, but it was boring.

The story was worse though.

The story seems as thought it's written by somebody who THINKS they are a good writer, but just aren't.

pompombrum1195d ago

I don't think it's fair to blame him for the Ghost.The storytelling was horrible as it was and the script was terrible. They had Bill Nighy voicing the traveller who was just as bland and flat and he's one of my all time favourite actors and steals the show in just about every movie he is in.

Elwenil1195d ago

It is my opinion that the dead, almost completely emotionless machine is sort of the angle they were going for. Trust me, it works better than a machine with "personality". A fine example of personality in some sort of AI machine is the Ordis on Warframe. DE needs to kill that thing, pronto. But yeah, I actually liked the Ghost in Destiny and I think Bungie and Dinklage did a pretty good job in capturing what ammounts to a cross between a studious butler and a Texas Instruments adding machine from the 1970s.

Now the story and dialog itself definitely needed work and for that, Bungie takes 100% of the blame.

FaintlyThere1195d ago


I think a robot with a personality can do great wonders for any game if the dialogue is right. Take Wheatley from Portal 2, he was the highlight of the game in some areas.

I imagine a robot driven to the near brick of insanity from searching body to body for a guardian. In fact I would love a side-quest that allows you to play as the ghost in the beginning of your character or provide better dialogue for the ghost at the beginning to establish him better, I mean he's your companion after all and no one wants a companion whose by your side giving genetic, almost sports game commentary all throughout your journey. Even tid-bits of "wow this place is a real dump" or "you'd think 15 times of doing this mission would get boring". Have the ghost break the fourth wall a little bit.

XisThatKid1195d ago

Clap Trap had personality
Technically JARVIS from iron man movies
all A.I. with personality
Seems like a good idea to me, that's my opinion
Not that I didn't like the ghost by Dinklage but some say that there aren't machines with personality and that's why. I get that might be whee they were going for though lifeless machine b but personable

Talgrath1195d ago

Did you listen to his stuff before they cut all of the humor out? Dinklage's Ghost was, initially, sarcastic and kind of funny; but someone (probably someone at Activision) said that Destiny had to be super grimdark and they redid a lot of his lines. Rumor has it that a lot of story stuff got cut from the game too.

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Perjoss1196d ago

Peter's performance wasn't very good in Destiny, either he's not cut out for voice work or he wasn't given good enough direction. Either way its good that the original lines are being replaced with lines by someone that has a lot of experience in doing voice work for games.

Personally I'd rather it not be Nolan as he seems to appear everywhere and although he has good range you can almost always tell its him to the point that its distracting. For example when I played Prince of Persia 2008 it was practically Nathan Drake's voice.

Having said all that the ghost in Destiny will likely have some kind of robotic effect added over the top so that might be a good thing. I hope they put more effort into the robot effect too, Legion from Mass Effect was a great example imo:

FamilyGuy1196d ago


It's supposed to be futuristic with advanced technology yet he sounds like a low-quality or damaged audio file. How does adding static to a voice make it robotic without the year being 1980 or something?

Yes he sounds "like a robot" but why would a robot from the future sound any different than a human?

Perjoss1195d ago

If the robots are created by mankind why would we want the robots to sound like us? If the robots were self aware and possibly self replicating why would thwy want to sound like us? Surely they would want their own identity. Imo hypothetically there are many reasons why robots in the future would not sound like humans.

jhenri1195d ago

You do realize he was told to use he normal voice for Prince of Persia. I believe that's one of the roles he wishes he could go back and change. He's done many roles where you can't tell it's him without looking it up, it all depends on what they want him to do.

Razputin1196d ago

I wanted to look into this more myself.

I bought the Destiny PS4 bundle, sold the game shortly after, and only recently started playing the game.

With that being said, I don't see anything wrong with Dinklage as the Ghost. I thought it was proper with the setting and type of game.

I've heard of all the funny lines being cut from the script and etc, but I didn't want this to be a Borderlands type game with a Claptrap clone.

So again, as my personal opinion, I'm wondering where all the hate is coming from, like was it really that boring for people.

Also Nolan North as the replacement. I think this man has been exhausted as voice actor last gen of games. From being Nathan Drake to being in Dark Void, and voicing several other main characters, I think he's been over done.

extermin8or1196d ago

he's been in far more than you'd realise- most of the time he's not using his nathan drake/desmond miles normal voice. The penguin in the arkham games being a good example...

deadpoolio3161195d ago

Your joking right he is ALWAYS using his normal Drake/Desmond voice ALWAYS....

The only time he hasn't was Penguin and you can still hear Nolan North in there, besides the fact that in Arkham City he was also EVERY other thug in the street voice so you were constantly hearing him.....

Nolan North was a damn voice option in Saint's Row 4 his voice is that generic at this point...He is in waaaaayyyyy to many things

extermin8or1195d ago

you have named like 3 games he used his nolan voice, and I didn't notice it once in arkham city- he' not using his normal voice in that. Shadow of mordor-not his normal voice,heavenly sword, many tv shows, he's richtofen in the black ops games and world at war's zombie mode, lego games-several of them... so on...

LeoDDestroyer1195d ago

He is David in the Last of Us which caught me by surprise.

RevXM1195d ago


I disagree.
Nolan plays Sigmund in Ratchet and Clank.
Is that his regular Nolanvoice too?

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lemoncake1196d ago

This needs no explanation.

BallsEye1196d ago

I like him in game of thrones, but in Destiny his acting is completely lifeless. No emotion at all.

deadpoolio3161195d ago

You mean like a computer...hmmmm lets examine that, what was his character in Destiny? Ohhhhh yeah an AI, who woulda thought an AI wouldn't have any emotion

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