Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Exclusivity Might be a Reason to be Cheerful

GodisaGeek: "Lee Garbutt takes a look at the information surrounding Rise of the Tomb Raider's exclusivity, and asks if it's all that bad".

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cfc781219d ago

I dont see the huge deal that this is made out to be its not like there arent a ton of other amazing games coming out around the same period.

As for Playstation fans you get

Uncharted Collection
Uncharted 4
Rise of the Tomb Raider

now theres 3 reasons to be cheerful.

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DeadlyFire1218d ago

Rise of the Tomb Raider Definitive edition?

Bigpappy1218d ago

That is a very, very weak defense. ROTR is a huge title the holiday season, looks to be one of the best TR's ever made. It would be on PS4 this holiday season, and you will have to wait a full year. UC4 is also not out this season. You may want to check out FO4 to help deal with the disappointment you seem to be festering.

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Kane221219d ago

you gotta be kidding me... no gamer should be happy about deals like this crap....and SF5 is something completely different before anyone decide to throw that at me...

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I won't throw SF5 at you, though since you mentioned it... please explain how the SF5 exclusivity isn't much worse... it could be said to be over 14 million times worse.

The real disappointer of Sony fans is Sony, not Microsoft (such as Sony's firmware updates consistently not giving users the features they've been asking for and Sony's "consistent year-round" release delays).

Microsoft originally bought TR timed exclusivity to have a comparable title to Uncharted 4. Sony then failed to deliver Uncharted 4 on time is why Sony's holiday this year is disappointing (AGAIN).

If Sony didn't fail to deliver UC4 this holiday, Sony fans would find it more difficult to complain about TR not being released on PS4 until next year, especially since then TR would not have been in competition with UC4 as much, and Sony fans would have had fun insulting TR as inferior (probably hypocritically insulted by the same people crying about how bad Microsoft is for delaying PS4 TR for a year while Sony delays many of their major AAAs, yet they don't boo Sony for causing multiple similar delays, such as with UC4 and Ratchet & Clank).

Sony fans commonly try spinning everything to distract from Sony's problems... such as claiming "more consistent year-round" releases many thousands of times, while Sony looks "sparse" compared with Ms this year, and more and more all the excuses Sony fans make about how Ms "blew their load" this year is proving to be more of the usual misinformation from Sony fans I've come to expect "consistently year-round"... with games such as Crackdown, Scalebound, ReCore, Halo Wars 2, and Quantum Break, plus more still yet to COME.

@Kane22, yeah, I already knew that... I SO? PS4 TR is still "gonna happen regardless".

@miyamoto, yes, and Ratchet & Clank... that's how "sparse" this year, and Sony failing to deliver is also what happened last year with The Order that was delayed (maybe to avoid holiday embarrassment that could have hurt PS4 sales). Possibly one of the greatest examples of Sony failing to deliver is The Last Guardian, especially since what they appear to now be delivering looks as if it is a remastered PS3 title.

Kane221219d ago

well if you were smart and looked it up yourself. capcom needed help making SF5 so they went to sony for help and they did. tomb raider was gonna happen regardless of microsoft.

miyamoto1219d ago

Sony failed to deliver U4?
Hah hah hah!
Do u actually believe that?


U Xboxers amaze me!


Im glad u did. Im glad you did!


I feel sorry for ROTTR.... but
The PlayStation Nation will save ROTTR when it comes to PS4 though and teach SEnix a valuable lesson.

Chevalier1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )


Sony 2015 1st party

The Order 1886 - February
MLB 15 - March
Bloodborne - March
God Of War 3 -July
Until Dawn - August
Helldivers - August
Tearaway - September
Uncharted Collection - October

MS 1st party

Scream ride - March
State of Decay - April
Rare Replay - August
Gears of war HD August
Forza 6 - September
Halo 5 - October
Fable Legends - October/November

Almost every major Xbox release is over 3 months of the fall and spring whereas Sony releases straight from spring, summer into the fall = All year round.

3rd party PS4 exclusives

Akiba's trip
Disgaea 5
Disney Infinity 3.0 PlayStation systems exclusive edition
Dragon quest Heroes
Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires
Final fantasy Heavensward
FF X/ X-2
Omega Quintet
One Piece Pirate Warrior 3
Persona 5
Swordart Online Lost Song
Jump Victory Vs
Saint Seiya Souls
Tales of Zestiria
Talos Principle
Earth Defece Force 4.1
Yakuza 5

Seems to me PS4 has significantly more exclusives. If this is a 'sparse' year then I guess Xbone is having a drought? Notice these are ALL retail releases, if we added in Indies it would be a landslide. Also if you mix in 3rd party exclusives and look at release dates PS4 has exclusives pretty much every month of the year.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

@Chevalier, I'm not impressed with monstrously bad games being touted as important, such as Godzilla or Omega Quintet.

Edit: An example of how such lists are BS... you didn't list Halo ODST, though you did list The Uncharted Collection and God of War 3. Do you also claim that Ms "lies" while you misrepresent them?

ODST was released in the first half, next year Ms has more coming the first half (they didn't target the first half of this year, obviously due to updating), and you're forgetting that Sony delays their holiday games such as The Order, Ratchet & Clank, and Uncharted 4 to allow for that "more consistent" year-round release schedule.

You're also forgetting the over 100 of the most desired 360 BC games being released this year... pretending as if that doesn't matter, as if people already played every 360 game they wanted, while you champion games such as Godzilla, isn't fair either.

"Sparse" was the word Andrew House used to describe their 2015,

And as far as indies, Ori is clearly FAR better than any 2014 (PS4) indies by a landslide, other than the 2012 game, Journey... Ori's production qualities were AAA, yet Sony fans CONstantly imply\SPIN it as just a typical "indie".

Chevalier1218d ago

Why would we include 100 old BC 360 games?! They are neither exclusive nor do they bring anything new to the table. Halos ODST was and update of a game released last year so why include it?!

Ori is great, but, Journey, Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Helldivers and a whole slew of indie games have been fantastic. Way to selectively suggest only titles you seem worthy should count; it's called moving goalposts.

Disgaea 5, FF X/X-2, Heavensward, Persona 5, Tales of Zestiria and Talo's principle all should be excellent. Unlike Xbone which has no JRPG's.

Their 'Sparse' is still more than Xbone is a FACT. Arguing with quotes in the face of FACTS is just purely idiotic.

Also Scream Ride, State of Decay and next year's Recore and Scalebound are pretty niche games so if you want to list all these games then guess what the PS4 list of exclusives is still not only significantly more, there are also more highly rated as well.

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Speak_da_Truth1219d ago

I will just buy it used next fall.

StrayaKNT1219d ago

Day one. Cant wait to play the best tps adventure game of 2015 :)

TricksterArrow1219d ago

You'll also buy Uncharted Collection? :D

StrayaKNT1219d ago

I won't be buying that I have played them all just no point in replaying them again, I'll definately be grabbing uncharted 4 though

Spotie1219d ago

So you've already played the game to know it's the best?

NinjaNick1219d ago

Funny, because all PS4 fans are already proclaiming Uncharted 4 to be the greatest game in the world and it's a year away, yet you don't seem to take issue with that..

TricksterArrow1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Well, to be totally unbiased, Uncharted HAS consistently been awarded Game of the Year Awards... So, odds are people expect it to follow a certain standard of quality...?

NinjaNick1218d ago

Trickster - and the Tomb Raider Reboot has earned great scores as well, and this one is better in every way..

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