Until Dawn – Don’t Sleep on Sony’s PS4 Exclusive

Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): Back to school sales officially kicked off weeks ago, fall decorations are available in supermarkets and Sony will publish a scary video game on August 25, well ahead of Halloween. Until Dawn for PS4 is a cinematic adventure reminiscent of Heavy Rain for PS3, but with Supermassive Games developing instead of Quantic Dream. In it, eight friends attempt to outwit a mask-wearing killer while at a secluded mountain retreat. Considering it’s a brand-new title, we don’t want you to overlook this promising survival horror game, so this is why we plan to pick up Until Dawn later this month.

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Deathdeliverer1196d ago

I've got this preordered. Can't wait to see my honey play this game. She makes games that give you decisions to make absolutely hilarious. She makes hardcore, f your feelings, trust nobody choices. Her choices in heavy rain almost killed me.

chrisx1196d ago

I'll be playing this game for sure,looks really good

Chaosdreams1196d ago

How can I sleep? There's a killer trying to kill 8 teenagers who probably deserve it.

I need to observe this insanity, and maybe help them escape.



alex1015941196d ago

Day one for me, already reserved and paid.

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