The Chinese Room clarifies the lack of a sprint function in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is now available and being played by gamers all over the world. While the game was well-received by critics, a common criticism was the lack of a sprint function, making progression rather slow.

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JMaine5181195d ago

I'm torn on them not letting you know about the sprint button. Does this game give you a controls tutorial or have a controls map in the settings? If not and they want you to figure it all out on your own then I'm fine.

Testfire1195d ago

There is a control map and there is no sprint. Check out a let's play on Kinda Funny Games channel on YouTube. They as well as I suspect there's no sprint in order to extend the game's completion time.

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Testfire1195d ago

Ah ok my bad, I couldn't read the article on my phone, it wasn't formatted right. But there was still no sprint in the button map which is puzzling.

RpgSama1195d ago

Would want to see some sites update their reviews to address this in their scores, considering almost all of them had issues with ONLY being able to walk, when the game had a sprint feature all along, and i'm not talking about some weird combo of button presses, just pushing R2.

Palitera1195d ago

They would only have to change the reason, because the experience is the same. If not even the reviews (kind of professional gamers) didn't find this mechanic, you can expect that most people won't know about it and will suffer for the same reason.

Not having sprint or having it so buried that lots of players can't even realize it has the same effect in the end.

Spotie1195d ago

Or you could, you know, mess around with controls, like most of us have done in games since we were kids.

Palitera1194d ago

Do you press each button for five seconds when you are messing with controllers?

Notice that this is not Demon's Souls run, starting one or half a second after you pressed the button...

I didn't play the game and really don't know if it is on five seconds the timer to start the run. My point is that, if so many people had the same issue, it is a relevant critic.

isa_scout1195d ago

Well, that hurt their reviews didn't it? Every review I've read so far mentions the slow movement speed. I don't know why it's set up to ramp up speed over time either. It's not a car.

MilkMan1195d ago

Pro tip: when you have scenery simulators ALWAYS have the auto-sprint ON by default.

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