Destiny: The Taken King is So Expensive Because Bungie Knows You’ll Buy it Anyway

CraveOnline: "The Taken King is a great deal for new Destiny players, but is a slap in the face of day one buyers of the game."

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Sir_Simba1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

This game is been the biggest scam since this generation began and it'll probablystay that way.

they insulted their fanbase, they belittle them, they scam them, they lie to them, they psycologically trick them, please avoid this game.

Tzuno1194d ago

tell that to addicted people, ha

ShadowKing-1194d ago

yep, i know it, but DeCrack is an awful drug. lol

lipton1011194d ago

I have so many people on my friends list that I met through destiny. 95% don't even play it anymore. Me included

xHeavYx1194d ago

I was addicted to the game. As soon as I found out I had to pay $40 for the next DLC I took it to Gamestop and got Witcher 3.

freshslicepizza1194d ago

how good and easy to get into is the game to newbies that never played it? i'm thinking of picking up the legendary edition.

vickers5001190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Destiny addict here.

Don't buy it. If you like it, you'll be addicted to it, but in an unsatisfying way, not addicted because it's so good.

If you don't like it, then you'll have ended up wasting your money, maybe. Depending on what the taken king adds, I'd wager to bet that the taken king, plus all the expansions, is just enough content to make the asking price acceptable.

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Dread1194d ago

Well I got my moneys worth since I have played for more than 400 hours. I enjoy the raids, trials, and prison.

So I do not agree that the game is a "scam" as you put it.

However, I do think that the DLC is too pricey, specially for veterans.

Immorals1194d ago

But how much of that time is spent repeating the same thing? That's my huge problem with destiny!

Spotie1194d ago

@Immorals: That's pretty much ANY online-type game.

jmc88881194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )


No the difference is you aren't playing a scripted event against a CPU.

Online games you play against other human beings. Which means the games are drastically different from one game to the next.

Maybe some people blow up the Shanghai tower in the first couple of minutes or maybe you have a 10 minute continous firefight between the teams on the roof of it.

Maybe you have someone who can fly the hell out of a helicopter, and is continually dropping people on the points, then other times you have people who are great with the anti-air who lay waste to them and prevent that.

So on and so forth thousands if not more different ways.

Human beings, especially millions of different ones with different skills, deficiencies, and tendencies create a far different experience, one that varies greatly.

To compare co-op against the same few raids and enemies over and over and over again is completely wrong.

The only thing of Destiny that does play different is the Crucible, and while it's decent, it's in no way epic or anywhere close to that. It's very limited, and pales in comparison to their previous franchise.

NeoGamer2321194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

That is interesting. I see Destiny as a "labyrinth" game. It is a good game. You cannot argue with the mechanics and quality of the environments, etc. But, just like a labyrinth you seem to wander it forever and never really get out.

It is massively repetitive, the loot drops can be unfair, and all they seem to want you to do is keep playing the same game, over and over again. It is like a book that keeps adding pages as you read it. You keep going on hoping you are at a definitive end, then bam! There's 250 more pages to read.

I am not really against Destiny, but gamers always whine that they want to see new games, and Destiny is the alter-ego to that idea. They want you to play the same game forever!

And charge you obscene prices for DLC and expansions! Sure if you measure cost solely on time, there is value there, but I measure my satisfaction of my gaming purchases based on story, gameplay, environment, sound, quality, and finally time.

antz11041194d ago

I agree with you, but the problem is flamebait articles will draw all the negative, trolly comments. Look at the first one.

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LackTrue4K1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Is the full game need to get this?

Because the way they advertise it, they make it look like a stand alone from the game/price too.

TheLeapist1194d ago

The full version is $60 but comes with everything that has been released up until this point. The $40 is for people that already own it.

SaveFerris1194d ago

All part of the plan when you are Activision and Bungie. Gamers voted with their wallets and some regretted it, others have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences. Game on!

Vitalogy1194d ago

I did bought the season pass (DLC 1 and 2) and regretted, not that I haven't enjoyed the game just I never have bought the dlc 2 if it wasn't for the season pass I got earlier -.-'

Now I'm voting with my wallet and going to spend my money else where.

lemondish1194d ago

I like it. I'll pay for things I like. Bungie didn't stick a gun up to my head for every hour I played.

If you don't like it, you don't have to pay for it. Don't go around acting like it's some trick, though. Make a fun thing, people will enjoy fun thing.

3-4-51194d ago

I returned it last year, re-bought it back with game + DLC for reall cheap back in like May and played again.

It's still a really fun game with amazing controls, and decent amount of stuff to do.

I just can't play it like I used to.

I enjoy the multiplayer so I like jumping on every 2-3 months for a week or so to play.

Then I play other games for a few months and come back to it.

* It keeps Destiny feeling fresh and since I'm not reliant upon it to be that one game I need to play, whatever I don't like about it slightly bothers me less than it may other people.

* If I'm not feeling it, I just play another game, but if I am, I could play a good amount in a given week and enjoy myself every time.

* I'll be waiting until all the updates are bundled for really cheap or something.

Once I can get this Taken King for $20 or less I'll buy into it again.

I REFUSE to pay full price anymore for this game, but it doesn't mean the game sucks. IT's a very well made game.

BallsEye1194d ago

got all the expansions from my limited edition. Stopped playing it before release of first expansion. Don't plan to come was my most anticipated game. Long live ESO!

EjWarrior1190d ago

don't forget the extra 20$ if you want the extras like the shades when you buy the game with the taking king.....LOL this is a joke!

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knifefight1194d ago

Well, if they're wrong, it won't sell well. If they're right, it will.

That's kind of every market though. Most consumer products are priced according to how much the maker thinks they can get.

I don't play Destiny so I might be missing something here, but I don't see the problem. If it's too expensive, they'll get that message when very few people buy it. And then the price will presumably drop.

Qrphe1194d ago

This so much. Games sell at the price they sell BECAUSE they sell. If you're not willing n/or able to buy a certain game thenyou're NOT part of their market.


This is the frustrating thing..

the economics of it all are really simple.

Sadly a lot of gamers really think they have not choice but to buy or it makes not difference.

When a game does not sell well on launch, just look at how quickly they are able to drop the price on it. And with games like Cod look at how long they hold their value.

I stopped playing Destiny about 3 or 4 months after release. Not bought ANY of the DLC, Season pass etc for it and never will.

Refuse to support such crap and if everyone followed, you bet your arse they would be dropping the price of that dlc like a rock!

However they know how fickle gamers are and when it comes to it most cannot help themselves

swice1194d ago

No. No, I wont.

Already bought season passes along with the digital deluxe edition for me AND the physical special edition for my girlfriend at launch.

We. Are. DONE!

Fil1011194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Exactly I brought on original release with season pass an now they want me to purches more dlc, biggest scam goin this game.

jmc88881194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Then they'll want you to buy the next game, all it's DLC like this one, and continue it for another 8 or so years.

I really wonder how long they can keep people grinding. At least they are going to change some of that, which is important, when their goal is to keep you playing for the next 8 or so years. Of course some people will be pissed off at that, and some people WILL LEAVE because of it. Not a ton, but some will.

We see what's happening to WoW. People just keep getting sick of it and sick of it.

But WoW is the outlier, most other MMO's go free to play rather quickly or disappear altogether.

The question is, how long can Bungie keep this up. It's a bit different then having a monthly subscription. They are asking people for bigger chunks 40 here 60 there, and so it'll be interesting to see if it peters out in year 4 or 5.

It'll also be interesting to see how many carry over for this and Destiny 2. Those will be interesting to watch.

But they still are being idiots and holding back things people matchmaking. They've already lost probably hundreds of thousands of players because of this. Simply put, a good portion doesn't want to go to a 3rd party website and go through some hassle, and many DON'T even KNOW about it.

People also hate being forced. It simply makes no sense to offer it early, then take it away.

So yes, Bungie better realize that wanting to charge big bucks for a 10 years journey but making people jump through artificial and arbitrary hoops is two different goals that conflict with each other. If you want to sell this universe for 10 years and all the high priced expansions, you better make it accessible, and that's where they've ultimately failed at. Maybe they'll get the clue, but only after they realize far too late for millions of people who tried it and left never to return because Bungie's idiotic decisions forced them out.

Better decisions early on could of netted them billions more, but their idiotic decisions lowered that profit bar long term. Still might be quite profitable, but not nearly as much as it could of been. That's on them, and it was EASILY avoidable.

antz11041194d ago

Lol no one was holding a gun to your head to get the pass. Which by the way is a SEASON pass. People think that's good for the lifetime of the title but it's not, we're going into year two of a game that's purported to have a ten year life cycle. You have no one to blame but yourself.

swice1193d ago


True, however, the amount of hype/promises that they generated, plus the fact that it was the creator of Halo (I love Halo), we were expecting a WHOLE lot more than we got.

Needless to say, I've learned my lesson with this one. A lesson that will last for the rest of my gaming career.

Now I usually wait for GOTY editions and don't really pre-order anymore, except for Nintendo games.

Ko_Uraki1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

In a market in which sofwarehouses sell portings from onldgen in HD at almost full price, they'll have a good chance to sell well.

SteamPowered1194d ago

Destiny reminds me of the car you buy that turns out to be a lemon. You keep sinking money in hoping it will get better, faster, louder, but in the end, you could have saved the money you spent on the lemon and purchased a nicer unit.

rebeljoe141194d ago

except its not a lemon but more like an blood orange