Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes Becomes Rare

Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes has gone from a $20 game six months ago to a $55 game. Prices have increased every month for the last six months and a sealed copy can sell for $125. Why did the price increase so much?

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TheColbertinator3641d ago

I noticed the price rise too.I have not seen the game in years.My favorite game on the Gamcube

sonarus3640d ago

Probably increased demand due to MGS4 hype

SolidLiquidSnake3640d ago

HA HA ! I still have this game! Is really my favourite Gamecube game!

Panthers3640d ago

I heard this game was a pretty poor remake, with different voice actors and cut scenes. Guess that was coming from hardcore MGS fans though who dont like change. I always wanted to play it.

solid-strife3640d ago

damn, a colbert fan
i thought I was the only one!

MGS Series For life! hahaha
To bad my comment is way at the bottom!

Mr Fancy Pants3640d ago

yeah Panthers the remake was pretty crappy with all this too over the top "the matrix" cut-scenes and kojima didn't even worked on the game...

NathanGra3640d ago

SK did the remake, and I don't think Kojima had any part in it (besides making MGS 1 hahaha). I have the game, but due to the fact I let some friends borrow it, it's a bit scratched. Still works, but.. yeah. Anyway, it was definitely over the top (the cutscenes). For example, in one cutscene Snake literally jumps on a missile that Liquid shoots at him from a chopper...

Not to say these scenes aren't badas$ but still. Also the voice acting was redone as was the music. Unfortunately both were not as good as in the original (in my opinion). The voice actors were the same, I had thought.

The last complaint I had with the game is that it put in 1st person mode (Hear me out). For MGS2-4 this is fine, the AI is built to deal with it as are the levels. For MGS1, this is not so. The AI is as weak as ever and the levels are compact. You can shoot everyone with a silenced socom and never be stopped.

In the end I enjoyed this game, but the experience of the original MGS was far better.

On topic: I agree that this game is obviously selling out because of the MGS4 fanbase / experience.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Of course everything on eBay is "RARE" and the "Only one" Someone called Oblivion RARE and OUT OF PRINT the other day. I was like WTF? lol...

LJWooly3640d ago

I only liked two things about Twin Snakes: the graphics, and the fact that each boss had their own theme, as opposed to sharing just one. Everything else about the game though, including the crappy voice actors, turning Solid Snake into Neo from The Matrix, and the soundtrack being ruined, I didn't like.

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GUNS N SWORDS3641d ago

aw sh!t, if i would have known this a while back i would have not settled for a meager price.

Fox013641d ago

three years/four ago and that was my first MGS.

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LossTheEarthbreaker3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

I once owned this for cheap, when I was collecting my gamecube titles that I felt I'd play long into the future.

I ended up trading it back in for a 360 ultimately, but it's still a great gamecube title, even if you have a Wii.

Honestly, there's not much selection for the hardcore gamer on the Wii, so anyone who didn't play the dozen or so really great titles should pick it up. And Eternal Darkness.

Also, the reason it's so rare now is because it did not sell all that well after it's initial release, as we see often times with things that become Collector's Edition titles. It wasn't produced in near the quantity of titles like GTA or something, as the author mentions. This is more like ICO. I once traded in a sealed copy of ICO to Gamestop for 360 credit. I felt like a tool, but was extremely, extremely lazy.

Anyway, there you have it. And the game is pretty much a rental unless you really like MGS.

LossTheEarthbreaker3641d ago

Forgot to add that Link was a great addition to Soul Calibur II (and the developers really made it work great on the gamecube controller), making it easily the best version of SCII, if you can't get your hands on SCIV. I felt that the third iteration on PS2 was very skippable after SCII.

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