Which of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains should you pick up? – 11th August 2015

James writes - "After a week largely dominated by EA titles on the Xbox Live Deals With Gold front, which weren’t exactly great offers, the latest sale is a welcome change. There’s no doubt it needs to deliver better deals this week, doesn’t it?"

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Legion211219d ago

Those games are too expensive, I can find them for cheaper at almost any retail store.

Perjoss1219d ago

Welcome, to a digital future!

3-4-51219d ago

Every time I see a Digital game at %40 off, and then it's still $20-40....makes me laugh.

Can go into Gamestop and get these games for much less most of the time and GET a physical copy of the game as well.

KiwiViper851219d ago

How much is a physical copy of Never Alone?

Volkama1219d ago

List is longer, but still not much of interest

Beach Buggy Racing – £5.35 – 33% off
Just Dance 2015 – £12.00 – 60% off
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – £2.40 – 80% off
Monopoly Family Fun Pack – £16.07 – 33% off
Mortal Kombat X – £37.49 – 25% off
Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) – £6.00 – 50% off
Project CARS Digital Edition – £33.49 – 33% off
Screamride – £17.99 – 40% off
Trivial Pursuit Live! – £6.00 – 50% off
The Lego Movie Videogame – £8.00 – 75% off
Thief – £9.60 – 60% off
Zoo Tycoon – £18.00 – 60% off

oKidUKo1219d ago

Yeah the list is linked in there too :) Thief would be a good deal but i'm sure it's actually been cheaper.

MSBAUSTX1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Thief will be free soon as a free games with gold for XB1 I bet since it was already free on XB 360. Why spend money on it?

MSBAUSTX1219d ago

Sonic Generations is well worth the $6.50. You cant find it that cheap in stores. The family games sale is acutually decent on some of the titles.