Boba Fett Xbox One/Xbox 360 Controller Coming This October

The latest such officially licensed controller will have Xbox One owners and Star War fans giddy as masked bounty hunter Boba Fett has been slapped on one of PowerA's third-party controller. It actually looks pretty cool, too.

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elarcadia1195d ago

It was all awesome, until I saw it was third party. Oh well!

chrish19901195d ago

Officially licensed*

From what I've heard though, PowerA's controllers are decent enough in comparisson to proper ones

elarcadia1194d ago

I've just never been a fan of third party controllers, or else they aren't a fan of me. I have tried a slew of different ones and every one gives me a problem of some sort. On the other hand, my original MS 360 controller still works like a beaut.

chrish19901194d ago

Hmm, fair point. It does seem to be hit-and-miss.