Paid to Play: Video Game Testers Tell Us About Broken Titles and Burnout

VICE: You'd think sitting around all day being paid to play video games was a pretty sweet deal, but testing them can be a painful process.

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SaveFerris1194d ago

I read the title and thought it was referring to a new Burnout game and a new Broken Sword game. The article was interesting though.

SteamPowered1194d ago

I get burned out playing games sometimes. But then I just roll up another one and get back at it.

nowitzki20041194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

A lot of gamers think they want to be game testers, but most dont realize that job would most likely make them hate gaming... They dont have fun playing the games, they have to do a job that involves a lot of attention to detail. I know I used to think I wanted to be 1, but then I tried to find bugs/glitches etc. in a couple games and it gets annoying really quickly.

Im happy just enjoying the games.

XanderZane1194d ago

I can understand any tester getting burned out. One of my friends used to test games for one of the game companies in California. He loved it for the first couple of weeks, but after a month or so, he was started to get burned out. Complaining about his hands cramping up sometimes. I don't even think he lasted a year. He's a masseuse now. lol!!