Strategy Informer: 16 New Killzone 2 Screenshots

Sony have released 16 screenshots of their upcoming PS3 shooter, Killzone 2. They show variations of the air vehicles recently revealed.

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beavis4play3708d ago

screenshot #39 shows the helghan sniper starting to use an invisibility cloak.....wicked!

cahill3708d ago

The best looking console game by miles

Tarasque3708d ago

While this look's very good, I just hope the gameplay online that is, is as polished as the graphic's are. (Fingers crossed)

Luca Blight3708d ago

is going to be ridiculous. Heck, even the multiplayer alone would be worth the $60 IMO.

telesido3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

definitly, i think what guerrilla games is doing with the multiplayer, is basicly putting together the 2 best online FPSs right now.. Call of Duty 4, and Team Fortress 2, while still keeping it killzone. with gamemodes just as unique as gears of war's. ... i'm curious to see if there will be any user created content.

mfwahwah3707d ago

is what I'm really interested about. In one match go seamlessly into Assassination, Body Count, Search & Recover, etc.

moses3708d ago

Pretty low resolution shots.

What resolution is the game going to be running at?

Luca Blight3708d ago

but numerous publications gave KZ2 the "best graphics" award of E3 which means that at least you will not have to worry about this game's visuals.

moses3708d ago

because, truth be told, these screens don't look good. I'm sure these don't do the real game justice.

cahill3708d ago

are u blind or just jealous?
these are LOW REZ shots

for better ones see Neogaf and PSu froums

KZ2 is the best looking console game by a long distance. No way to spin that

moses3708d ago

If you read my original post, that's what I said, the low resolution shots don't look very good. Why would you even release screenshots the resolution of a psp? o_o

Please don't obviously and blindly disagree with me just because you don't hear what you want.

NO_PUDding3708d ago

Are you looking atr different screens to me!?

This looks flawless.

And it has a beauitful art direction.

If anything GG sold it to me through animations and graphics. I am even ashamed, it goes a long way in givign the game a visceral feel.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3708d ago

The resolution I heard it's at is 720p at 30fps don't know if that still stands now.

Meresin3707d ago

You can find full resolution screenshots at Heck, I've been using some of those as my wallpaper. ;)

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DavidMacDougall3708d ago

(drools on keyboard)....0ooohh **** Yeah!

OpiZA3708d ago

Looking great, would love to see higher res shots tho

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The story is too old to be commented.