Gamasutra - Critical Reception: Namco Bandai's Soulcalibur IV

This week's edition of the regular Critical Reception column examines online reaction to this week's debuting fighter sequel Soulcalibur IV, which initial reviews claim is "unquestionably [Namco Bandai's] best fighting game to date."

Described as the weapons-based alternative to Namco's flagship Tekken franchise, Soulcalibur established itself as one of the Sega Dreamcast's top titles, earning an exceptional lifetime average rating of 98 out of 100. A multiplatform sequel achieved similar acclaim, though its PS2-only follow-up Soulcalibur III met with mixed reactions.

The PlayStation 3 version of Soulcalibur IV debuts this week to an average review score of 91 out of 100 at, while the Xbox 360 port earns 90 out of 100.

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LiquifiedArt3582d ago

How could you even point out flaws to the best, most well rounded, in-depth, action packed, accessible and gorgeous looking fighter. The game is alwasy a 90/100 because its just that GOOD.

The ONLY worthy additions:
- MORE FIGHTING STYLES aka New Characters
- Tournament/Laddering Online

and really the Fighting styles is the bigger one. I dont even care if they never change the existing move sets, just tweak them add/remove good/worthless moves. Hell if they kept the same moves from SCII i'd still buy it. I rather have them keep the same base and just keep adding completely new styles. Unique and different.

kingOVsticks3582d ago

it does have its flaws the biggest being the story,environment,and the PS3 verson has no rumble.You have to admit the story could have could have been an hell of a lot better(only 5-6 levels?) even their endings are somewhat lackluster aside from a few characters (like the apprentice,tira,anime guest) I rather they kept the multiple endings from SC3 but I understand that may have been to difficult.The environments are really just okay the only good ones IMO is the one where the iron walls falls down when you hit up against it,the do do bird level,the lava level and the star wars level the rest they could have done better with.RUMBLE SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THERE,NO EXCUSE NAMCO YOU GUYS WERE JUST LAZY!!!. Aside from those things best nextgen fighter I played yet. Oh the character customizations is so sweet making Siegfried look 100% identical to squall is really worth whiled :P