Win the ultimate PS4 gaming set-up, worth over €14,000

Out of cash? Console gaming can be an expensive hobby. What to do if you are looking for a way to play the coolest of cool new games and your friends who own a PlayStation system won’t let you borrow theirs. Take a look at the european PlayStation blog and enter for a chance to win the ultimate PS4 gaming set-up

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crazychris41241196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

My god thats a lot of stuff

italkgame1196d ago

we europeans are a bunch of lucky folk... this time around.
Good luck to all. Th winner of this prisepack would have instant streetcred

C L O U D1196d ago

And a possible break in...

better keep it low key

Neonridr1196d ago

That would be amazing..

Neonridr1196d ago

Strange though, the picture shows a variety of PS4 consoles (including some limited edition ones). However, if you go to the actual contest page, there are only 2 PS4's that you win, one black, one white.

italkgame1196d ago

nope the Ultimate prizepack winner wins 6 PS4's at least according to the terms and conditions of the competition

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