Mafia III Inside Look - Re-imagining New Orleans 1968 Trailer

Mafia III is set during a re-imagined New Orleans in 1968. Experience an authentic location, setting and soundtrack as Lincoln Clay goes on an all-out war with the Italian Mafia!

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joab7771193d ago

Looks amazing, great story. But, all I've wanted is a huge open world in which you start out as a street thug and become the head of the family through growing your business etc. Doesn't look like this is it. Redemption and revenge set to the backdrop of Dixie mafia is interesting, just hope we have a lot of freedom.

RedDeadLB1193d ago

Looks more like Godfather than Mafia to me. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I'll have to play to see.

1193d ago
urwifeminder1193d ago

A battle at a hippy commune would be interesting a front for a mafia operation , long haired relaxed alternate guys all of a sudden brandishes weapons lol. Game is shaping up great loving all the info so far.