Now is the right time to buy an Xbox One

Blockbuster games. Big exclusives. Windows 10 crossplay and an enviable backwards compatibility service. Get off the fence, now is the time to buy an Xbox One, says Matt Martin.

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BlackPanther1195d ago

It would be a great time to get one. There is plenty of first part games from now until the end of 2016 and great features.

TFJWM1195d ago

I'd say atleast wait till Black Friday/Holiday sales no reason not to if you have already waited this long

BlackPanther1195d ago

I mean that is three months away and there is some great games out till then. So while you could wait, it is also a great time to buy one.

TFJWM1195d ago

Right its only 3 months and there will be insane deals then so if you haven't felt the need to get one yet might as well wait the 3 months and get the most bang for your buck

Aceman181195d ago

As soon as Quantum Break releases I'll buy the system, and pick up SSOD with it.

Aceman181195d ago

Lol fine I guess I won't buy the system when Quantum Break comes out.

TheBurger291195d ago

Crossplay on pc, streaming to pc, some cool new titles and a good amount of them are coming to xbox and pc. If ms did not screw up so bad at the start they would be up there in sales with sony(maybe not but xbox is looking way better than a ps4 right now). sony fanboys incoming.

3-4-51195d ago

I've had an XB1 since May of 2014, and as the months go on, I enjoy it more and more.

I owned the first two, so I've been an xbox fan from the beginning, but initially there was only so many games that appeals to me.

It's gotten to the point that I won't be able to buy all the games for all the systems I have that I want to play...( which is a good thing IMO).

2015 and into 2016 is looking great for XB1, but not just's also looking great for XB1,PC,PS4,psp,Vita,3DS,Wii U as well.

Maybe I'm a bit different, I like all the games companies, and I want them all to do well.

The fact that so many good games are releasing in 2015/2016 is GOOD for GAMERS in general. For all gamers.

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TheGreatGamer1195d ago

I couldn't agree more. I've owned Xbox One for a while now and have been enjoying it but I haven't been more excited in my time owning it up till now than I am for what's coming very soon. A lot of big changes, big games and big features coming

Unreal011195d ago

And same goes for the PS4 surely?

Ocsta1195d ago

No no, Sony are finished. Tired out. Sitting quietly, waiting for the end of days. They're done innovating and doing new, exciting things. I'ts hard work you see.

Paytaa1195d ago

Well you could say that but this isn't a PS4 article.

Septic1195d ago

Yes but this article is about the Xbox One, in case you didn't notice.

Lenrulesdaworld1195d ago

I never understand the need to bring PS4 into an article about buying an Xbox one. It's like sony fans have to remind people that PS4 is good or better, when it's positive news about xbox one. Can xbox live, can it get some recognition by itself for once. smh

2cents1195d ago

Question... Why do you need to even ask?

And I will answer your question. NO, the same does not go for sony.

The PS4 has been riding a wave of success since launch, apparently most PS4 fans think that Sony does not need anything to improve as they have already won the console war, have the best games, have the most powerful hardware etc etc...

So back to the xbox fans, this really is a great time to be a supporter of the underdog, existing xboxers are getting a better experience everyday and newcomers are being given a fantastic starting point into the next generation of consoles.

Great time to be a gamer on either platform!

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Ocsta1195d ago

There seems to be some kind of conspiracy going on to literally shove the "awesomeness" of the 'bone down peoples throats. Freaks me out to be honest. Like the Illuminati WANT you to buy the damn thing.

Pogmathoin1195d ago

That awesomeness is here right now, would keep you busy while greatness still awaits....

Ocsta1195d ago

No thanks. Don't feel like supporting under powered "DRM based but we're nice guys now honest!" corporate greed machines.

Sweep141195d ago

Greatness has more games to play and more varied ones than Awesomeness
Greatness has already won the generation leaving only crumbs for Awesomeness. Bon appétit

ninsigma1195d ago

You do realise that the subject before the word awaits already exists or is there right?? It's just waiting for something else e.g "danger awaits them ahead", meaning danger already exists and it's waiting for people. Greatness awaits means there is already Greatness there on the playstation, people just need to play it and they'll see for themselves. We know it's not still awaiting because 25 million gamers have already jumped on board. I'm all for a clever jab but not when it grammatically doesn't make sense.

Anyway, marked for trolling.

Jmanzare1195d ago

Yea there's definitely a wider variety of indies coming out on the ps4 nowadays

I don't have a ps4 mainly because there's nothing on it that interests me but bloodborne and bloodborne is not a 460 dollar game imo. Uncharted looks good but I was never a huge fan of the series

Pogmathoin1195d ago

Thanks for the mark ninsignia, favour returned. Sony fanboys have complained about all the things MS did wrong launching X1, and rightly so, but under new management, X1 has done many great things, listened to gamers, and Sony fanboys still find new excuses to put every positive thing MS does. Anyway, this is about X1, simply by being here, you lot are simply trolling.... guess there is no games for you to play....

ninsigma1195d ago

Thanks, appreciate it :)

"simply by being here, you lot are simply trolling".

Can't speak for others but I actually own an xb1 and all you gotta is scroll down just an tiny bit to see my take on on when people should pick up an xbox. Jump into my user profile and you'll find my xbox ID (hint: it's ninsigma). In addition to that, going through my comment history you'll find me highly praising games the are on xbox and not ps like ori and the blind forrest, halo 5 mp and sunset overdrive while also admitting that ryse is a better game than originally thought. You'll also find how excited I am for the gears remaster and how much I enjoyed the gears 4 e3 demo along with looking forward to qb. Trolling, I am??

Pogmathoin1195d ago

Well, Ninsignia, I am honest, I hold my hands up and say I was wrong, about you.... but you many here are like what I described.... My apologies.

ninsigma1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Ah sure it's all fun and games ;)

Edit: fixed auto correct.

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ZaWarudo1195d ago

I think you have that tin foil hat on too tight.

ninsigma1195d ago

Tin foil hat can never be too tight! They're always watching!

Death1195d ago

[email protected]

You may want to educate yourself on DRM. All consoles have DRM, that's why you can't easily play pirated games. It's also why you need the disc in the drive of a game you have installed on the HDD. The DRM you are scared of gave gamers the ability to rip their games to the HDD and not need disc based DRM. You had free access to all of your games without having to change discs. It never made it out so you can stop worrying about something you had no plans to get.

By the way, don't confuse profit with greed. Xbox is offering much more without the need of a subscription service. That doesn't mean Sony is being greedy, they just have more need to make a profit.

Unreal011195d ago

A god, another Death comment with a subtle dig at Sony. Nothing new then.

Ocsta1195d ago

Dude I can't believe how many of you guys willingly drink the Kool-Aid. M$ tried to screw gamers all over the world because the success of the 360 made them believe they could actually pull it off! Why the hell would I support them willingly? Give them my money and my time? THEY WILL TRY AGAIN! This "please forgive us, here's some more shooters/racers" crap is beyond pathetic!

Death1195d ago

They tried to "screw" gamers by letting them rip their games and enjoy all the benefits of all digital while retaining the perks of physical copies? That's horrible.

Sony's pushing a future where gamers don't own the games they buy. The only thing keeping people from grabbing pitchforks is it's an option today like Plus was last gen. All of Sony's focus has been on subscription services since this gen started. To all the many disagrees that will follow, that is what Sony tells their investors.

1195d ago
user99502791195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I'm a big Xbox guy, and own both consoles, but I agree with you in the case of BOTH fanbases. I think it's pathetic how people are constantly tying to manipulate others into buying a PS4/XB1.

Discussing the benifits as they pertain to you is one thing. But all those people generating lists of games they never play, features they dont care about, and "1001 reasons why YOU should buy Xbox One/PS4 RIGHT NOW!" just seem misguided to me.

Everyone reading already either has both machines, or is morally opposed to buying one of them (for lame reasons). Regular consumers dont listen to all the crazy banter, so why pretend that they do?

2cents1195d ago

Corporate greed machine?

You talkin about Sony too I hope. Or have you been drinking too much of their Kool-Aid to realize what Sony really is.
Hint... They are not your friends but they really REALLY love your wallet

Mrveryodd1194d ago

Put your tin foil hat back in the draw , it's glare is hurting my eyes.

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Fro_xoxo1195d ago

To be honest, I've always been happy with my precious since day one.

Anyone buying it around this time of the year is in for a big treat.