Ken Levine: BioShock PS3 came later due to "corporate decision," additional content is "2K thing"

VG247: 2K Boston's Ken Levine has refused to comment on why a PS3 version of BioShock wasn't released last year, saying the decision to stagger the 360 and PS3 versions was taken entirely by 2K.

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Lifendz3704d ago

I'm sure MS backed a dumptruck full of money to their office and they couldn't say no.

Svtcobrastang3704d ago

Microsoft strikes again with those deep wallets.

ofx3603704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

The answer to everything is not "M$ paid them" sometimes devs or publishers make decisions based on risk/reward. I believe they gauged the reaction and sales on the 360 then ported it over to the ps3 if it was popular, which is smart.

DaTruth3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

MS "pays them" so much, it's the logical assumption.

I want to find out where the next big 3rd party game is being developed, so I can intercept one of those "dump trucks".

juuken3704d ago

Please oxf, Microsoft opens their wallet for every single situation.

Buying 3rd party exclusives? Check
Stealing PS3 exclusives? Check
Paying articles to write crap about the PS3? Check

Microsoft's viral campaign knows no bounds.

ravinash3704d ago

If it were true that the decision was from 2K, then how come the PS3 version was kept under wraps???
If they had always planned it, then it would have been better for 2K to say at the time the 360 version came out that there was a PS3 version on the way. The only possible reason for doing this would be to try a push more sales of the 360 by making this look like it was an exclusive.

themyk3704d ago

i'm def. buying this game. but it'll probably be next year around this time. when theirs not much going on. when they plan on releasing this game. it's gonna have some serious competition. i realize this was goty last year, and i'm sure it's a GREAT game. but theres no way i'm gonna buy it over lbp, R2, KZ2, or even socom for that matter.

at least i know i'll have an awesome game next year during these dog days of summer.

thanks guys.

DARKKNIGHT3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Its a shame that microsoft has to resort to flinging money bags instead of actual moves that will hold up in the LONG run.

Had Ms not pulled off such tactics... would the ps3 be ahead in sales?(im not counting wii) Seems funny how a early release, along with a multitude of BOUGHT games + studios and STILL the MS-ship is slowly treading water now.

everyone that was held witness to the whole manufacturing problems, and all the false numbers on many charts have something to think about when the 720 comes along. Microsoft was way to worried this generation to dethrone SONY that it forgot about the wii, now MS is copying ideas from both S and N in order to stay relevant as they quickly lose grip of the ENORMOUS lead they had.

It seems that timed exclusives and dlc is the best that ms can do to stay afloat now.

this is why "the mart" and "firstknight" dont really come through here anymore....all that trash talking and MS failed them. AGAIN. The sony faithfull stuck by in dire times and now the roles have switched. much like ms on the original xbox, the xbox fans hightail it when the sh1t hits the fan.

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beavis4play3704d ago

well, whatever the reason, i'm looking forward to the game. i like the new content i've seen; but, what i'm hoping for is a "bioshock room" in home which will allow us to walk around rapture and see everything.(just like ND and insomniac are doing) that would be real cool.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3704d ago

...'it taking a year for me to count my Money Micro$oft gave me' ;-D
BioShock coming to...
|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;)

PLAYSTATION®3規格ソフトウェアのゲー ム 中にXMB™

Meus Renaissance3704d ago

Smart move by Microsoft, people here are just always upset with them because Sony doesn't do the same for their console. Whereas if Sony did, and Microsoft didnt - no one here would be talking about it

DaTruth3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Interesting comment from someone who's been around N4G since last year. When the "you know who's" had the run of the place.

(off topic): I shouldn't have to wait so long for an update with such minor additions!

Drekken3704d ago

"the you know whos" were like 3 people with multiple accounts.

buckethead_X3704d ago

But what the heck are the "you-know-whos"? Someone can PM about this if you want; this sounds uber-interesting.

monkey6023704d ago

Buckethead its nothing that exciting. The you-know-who's are the hardcore 360 fans. Last year there were far more of them and they ran this site. There were lots of anti PS3 news articles and the likes. Now places have been traded though.

buckethead_X3704d ago

I thought it was some kind of enigmatic, top-secret organization. That's definitely no Organization 13 lol.

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bluecapone3704d ago

well bioshock is coming soon to ps3 so nuff said

m-s-8-23704d ago

And I care about as much as I did back when it was "only on Xbox".

DaTruth3704d ago

Bioshock is coming soon to a ps3 near me.

TheMART3704d ago

So you like playing old stuff from 1.5 years back in time?

I like the fresh games more... Or releases at the same time/in the same time frame

poeo3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

i like playing a good game, doesnt matter if its a year old. why should it matter?

strange attitude you have... you're telling me you're never going to touch Gears Of War/GTA4/Halo 3/COD4 etc ever again?

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