Bayonetta Confirmed For Xbox One Backward Compatibility

The excellent Platinum Games developed game Bayonetta is going to be among the Xbox One backward compatibility supported titles. Actual timing has yet to be confirmed.

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Vahlok1134d ago

At november. Confirmed by Vahlok !;)

B1uBurneR1134d ago

Nice. Adding this to my library

Gotcha51134d ago

I've played the hell out of Bayonetta back in my X360 days just hope they add Vanquish aswell was one of my favorite Platinum Games.

343_Guilty_Spark1134d ago

The funny thing is I ask myself, "where is bayonetta BC?", like literally yesterday. Glad I didn't sell my copy. The 360 version was soo awesome.

fermcr1134d ago

I guess X360 games sales will pick up when X1 BC launches...

Wikkid6661134d ago

It will be interesting to see if MS adds a BC spot in the Xbox One store.

green1134d ago

In my opinion, Microsoft will be stupid not to. It would be additional revenue for both Microsoft and publishers.

ghostface91134d ago

I really hope so would make them a lot of money if they did

deadpoolio3161134d ago

If they do hopefully its better than when they added games on demand and they were all $60 or $30 for original Xbox games....

ScorpiusX1134d ago

Sweet ,liking this 2 generation of games in one system concept, yes not all games yet but still cool was there.

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The story is too old to be commented.