Scalebound Preview: A strong pulse indeed

Lazygamer got a proper look at Scalebound at Gamescom. Ever wanted to know how to train a dragon? This looks like the game that'll answer that question!

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CongoKyle1223d ago

I feel like some games/movies just don't do Dragons justice. Sometime they look like angry lizards, other times they're over the top (cough GoT)

Must say, Scalebound make pretty badass dragons!

Darranged1223d ago

Thing is, I'm a big fan of Platinum, and I'm just not feeling this game. Not yet I suppose.

BlackPanther1223d ago

The fact that I can put armour on my dragon sold me so much. And Drew has varied weapons as well. This game could be very special this generation.

Eiyuuou1223d ago

I really wish this would come to PS4...

ScorpiusX1223d ago

Hell no , u want to play buy an Xbox.

spicelicka1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Don't be a fanboy, this is why people make fun of fanboys.

ScorpiusX1223d ago

@spicelicka not being a fan boy being honest you want to play a game buy the system. Plain and simple this begging for a console exclusive game to be on another system is just down right stupid. Also more fanboyish than telling some to buy the console it's on if they want to enjoy a game .

Eiyuuou1223d ago

Expressing ones desire isn't begging. I wouldn't have made such a comment if I was in the position to buy an Xbox. Besides, I wouldn't buy a console for one game. Unfortunately there aren't any other Xbox exclusive titles that interest me.

I'm not a fanboy. I think both Xbox and PS are equally good systems and I can only wish Microsoft the best of luck. It's just a bit of a shame since Platinum Games made this exclusive.

ScorpiusX1223d ago

That last part of your comment goes both ways.if and when your in a position to buy the second console don't look at it cause of one game. look at for one game and many others with countless features.

proudxgamer1223d ago

I love the direction and art of the dragons... Good Job MS.... 2016!!! hmmmm What else does Phil and minions have up their sleeves for 2017>>???

Some of the big AAA games will get pushed back...

Halo Wars2...

I say 2-3 games will be a 2017 release date...AS LONG AS GOW4 is coming out!