Activision Blizzard Sells its Soul. editorializes the latest news regarding Activision and Sierra and the fallout for games like Ghostbusters, Prototype and others.

From the article: "For many years, Electronic Arts was labeled as an "evil" corporation by gamers. The company drew much ire from gamers, as EA seemed content with publishing predominantly sub-par sequels of existing intellectual properties, while gobbling up cutting edge game studios, only to absorb them into EA's Borg Collective. Current CEO, John Riccitiello, is attempting to erase that label. Based on the publisher's E3 press conference, I would say the company is moving in the right direction.

However, if EA does turn over a new leaf, does that mean that the videogame industry will be all sunshine and rainbows? No. There is no rest for the wicked."

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PwnShop3673d ago

Good article, so true. It's a shame that Activision has chosen to only publish franchises that they can produce the hell out of. Ghostbusters and Brutal Legend don't fit with there long term plan because they cost money to make unlike some stupid ice age game and they aren't huge franchises to milk.

It would be smart if EA picked up these games, and i think this year i'd go for Rockband 2 instead of Guitar hero 4.

mcgrawgamer3673d ago

but sadly I think most people Hate EA these days because it's the company to hate aside from microsoft. :/