Quantum Break Cast Announcement Trailer Revealed

Shawn Ashmore hosts the brief trailer, playing the lead character Jack Joyce.

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Sureshot1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I remember Shawn from the Animorphs years ago. He hasn't aged a day!
And there's the black guy from Oz too!

Lenrulesdaworld1195d ago

you mean the balck dude from the wire, don't remember him in OZ. Maybe thinking of the guy who played alibisi.

poppinslops1195d ago

His name's Lance Reddick and he was on OZ - played an undercover cop who got in too deep... that Adabisi was a bad influence.

Courtney Hope is the new Beth Wilder... Beth's the other playable character, though I don't know if she can manipulate time or not - if yes, then I'd assume her abilities are different to Jack and Paul's.

Hopefully we'll get to see her in action sometime soon... Sam Lake implied they'd be showing off more of QB after Gamescom, so it could even be in the next few days.

Lenrulesdaworld1195d ago

thanks pop for the clarification bro

Neonridr1195d ago

a good ol' canuck as the lead role..

Lenrulesdaworld1195d ago

The hate is real the pass couple of days on QB, this game looks like it's gonna be a masterpiece, let hope its turns out to be so.

SaveFerris1195d ago

The presentation looks great. I'm a big fan of sci-fi and kinda wish this was a proper tv series. This game looks like it will be a hit with gamers.

KurtRussell1195d ago

Definitely looks promising. Reminds me of Fringe, and not just because of bald black dude who played Lt. Broyles. I'm guessing he will probably have a similar role here. I just hope they bring it to PC later.

FrostXVenom1195d ago

Damn,this is awesome,i got confused between in game faces and real faces,really next gen mo cap.

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