E3 2008 Killzone 2 - 5 Minute On Camera Live Demo and Interview has an on camera live demo and interview of Killzone 2 for the Playstation 3 straight from behind closed doors in the Sony meeting room.

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Real gamer 4 life3615d ago

From what i have you seen and heard from him, i don't think the Ai is going to be bad at all.

Yuprules3615d ago

I agree with the AI, doesn't seem to be a problem based on that interview.

Barreldragon003615d ago

I have no doubts about the AI being toned down for E3 (Probably even worse then easy) Because when your doing Live inerviews or other people playing you want them to get through the game and not have them see only one room just because you/they cant get past it. Do any of you guys remember the E3 where they showed off MOA airborne? (like 3 years ago) Well the live demo sucked because they guy playing couldn't get past the very first part of the level he was on and after starting over 4-5 times they eventually just ran out of time.

marinelife93615d ago

They should go ahead and crank up the AI for the European conference so the reporters can get their @$$'$ kicked and quit complaining.

The game is so dense. They pack a ton of stuff into those scenes. There is a lot going on at one time.

GVON3615d ago

At least give them the option and say if you want to know what were looking to get from the AI then have a taste, of your own blood mmwwahahaha.

I LOVE my xbox3615d ago

Seriously, they want people to experience the game not remain stuck on the same part and keep losing. Winning is always funner than losing anyway. This game looks amazing.

Kleptic3615d ago

totally agree...One thing I have noticed in game journalists generally suck at playing video games...all the hands on previews for Killzone 2 had guys running around staring at the ground, not being able to remember simple button commands, and constantly melee'ing the air...

the original E3 07 showing of this game was where most commented on the AI issues...but it was later revealed that the entire demo was in god-mode only...which creates all kinds of AI problems on its own (AI triggering gets all messed up because you can easily walk up behind enemies that are not programmed to deal with that...without god mode, you would not be capable of getting to that position...if that makes any sense), leat alone that the game was nearly 1.5 years from release at that point...

clearly they are working that out...this game is looking deliver on everything that was promisd, and more...

masterg3615d ago

The multiplayer stuff sounds like a great idea. This was the first time I heard about the way the multiplayer is going to work.

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jkhan3615d ago

Not much new information. The video quality was horrible.
Any news on coop?

supahbad3615d ago

thiis is prolly my most anticipated game other than GOW3, and i want to see the new guns

Yuprules3615d ago

I'm buying it FOR sure when it comes out in February 2009. Must buy for FPS fans on the PS3.

Vo_Cal3615d ago

Looks awesome. But I'm not so sure about the gameplay yet.. I hope this is the game that makes me get a PS3

Real gamer 4 life3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

The game play is the same game play that you see in games like halo and CoD. Aim your gun at a target then shoot. I dont understand how people complain about the gameplay of killzone but then praise gamesplay of games like cod and halo.

supahbad3615d ago

yehapretty much all the first person shooter has anymore is graphics, story, and guns. i'm starting to feel these are the only things differentiating FPS's anymore

Vo_Cal3615d ago

There's only like 2-3 enemies on the screen at any given time. At least from the videos that I've been watching. I love how they react when getting shot, by right now it doesnt seem very challenging. Thats all I meant. It looks good though. But looks arent everything man.

Dark vader3615d ago

In my opinion the gameplay looks fantastic. You see the fp cover system looks great, the way he pops and shoot. And the Ai is looking good as well. They duck for cover and everything. When these game release, its going to be a hit.

poopsack3615d ago

Its not just like Halo and COD4, this is the first game with a first person cover system and by the looks of it, it works great.

rakgi3615d ago

well then you didn't watch towards the end there were not only 2-3 helghast there maybe you should watch it again

rakgi3615d ago

yea i went and checked some of your comments and you seem to only praise the 360.....sounds like someone is biased and it isnt me

Kyur4ThePain3615d ago

I hope not...I'd rather not have to listen to someone with your negativity in real time.

Kleptic3615d ago

Vo Cal...did you even watch the video?...there are like 15 enemies and 2 tanks on screen at the end (plus the tank you are in)...

in the videos that have the beginning of this level...there are like 20 enemies on a cat-walk, and 10 allies running around, with as many as 5 gorgeous explosions all happening simultaneously on screen at once...

the intensity of this game so far looks to go un-matched....the 32 player online clearly shows that the engine is more than capable of putting a lot of stuff on screen at once...

mfwahwah3615d ago

Don't worry about the challenge. This is the second part of the first level. Emphasis on first.

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