Eurogamer Review: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

Dan Whitehead reports:

''The success of Geometry Wars has been something of a happy accident. Originally a fun little extra tucked away inside Project Gotham Racing 2, it was the perfect bite-sized burst of fun to showcase Xbox Live Arcade when 360 hit the shelves. After it was reworked as a standalone release, the mixture of dazzling visuals and moreish gameplay swiftly established it as the standard bearer for downloadable console gaming.

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that most people will know what Geometry Wars entails, but for the sake of the unfortunate few here's the nutshell version. You are a little crab-shaped spaceship in an oblong black playfield. Enemies, represented by coloured geometric shapes, spawn and exhibit different behaviour depending on their form. You must blast them all, and you do this by moving with the left stick, and guiding your fire with the right.''

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Nevers3709d ago

Already addicted... A++

LossTheEarthbreaker3709d ago

All the new modes are welcome additions, too.

Nevers3709d ago

and aren't too disapointed.. it doesn't have online co-op... think they've said there's just too much on the screen for people to survive if there's the minutest bit of lag... and after playing I can see why.