What makes some open world games exceptional, and others boring

MWEB GameZone writes: "Open worlds are too often just glorified “big spaces”; they’re not worlds, they’re not deep in ways that make it interesting to explore or wander through.

But sometimes they are."

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ZombieDreddZA1222d ago

Red Dead Redemption. Best. Ever.

Dynasty20211221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Yeah I loved running around in a world with nothing to do outside of picking plants, hunting some animals and finding what, like, 10 pieces of treasure?

The world was empty as hell.

Even Skyrim felt kinda empty until you modded in extra patrols and more random battles to stumble across in the wild.

Saryk1221d ago

Witcher 3 said hello!

DesVader1222d ago

There has been a spate of open world games of late, but there needs to be things in the world for a player to do rather than just wander around. I think the joy of an open world is unlocking the hidden treasure and missions at the far corners of the map.

Sillicur1222d ago

I love big open worlds, but my favite will always stay Morrowind!

Petro1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Morrowind is absolutely the best open world game ever, that world had plenty of stories and even books to read and some of them had many many parts and you could find cool stuff if you read the books.

Also that game was not holding hands, you were just told direction where you had to (sometimes not even that) go and then you had to wander there yourself for hours. <3

plut0nash1220d ago

There were no arrows to the knee :)

itsjustexuma1222d ago

It needs unique side missions and boss battles but they shouldn't reuse the same missions over and over again

lemoncake1222d ago

Good variety in landscapes and environments also helps.

HanCilliers1221d ago

I agree, but a lot does exactly that

abcde-123451222d ago

There needs to be more to do besides the main story and side missions. Like hunts or secret loot to search for.

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