Sony President Ryoji Chubachi: "We're sticking to shipping targets"

Sony Corp. said on Thursday it sees no need to change its target to ship 2 million units of its PlayStation 3 game console worldwide by the end of December and 6 million by the end of next March.

Sony has delayed the European launch of the PS3 to March 2007 due to a glitch in blue laser diodes, raising concerns that the electronics conglomerate could miss its original shipment targets.

"It is true that it took us sometime to bring the PS3 to mass production as blue laser availability worked as a bottleneck, but production has reached a certain level and judging from that level, 2 million and 6 million are within our reach," Sony President Ryoji Chubachi told reporters.

Sony launched the PS3 in November, fighting head-on with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo Co.'s Wii.

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marionz4382d ago

sony reps only talk sh1t, and for people like me in New Zealand? hmm we are ment to see ps3 in march but i highly doubt it! oh yes its a xbox christmas here! i have a 360 with kameo and viva pinata under the tree for my mum! who?

Maddens Raiders4382d ago

glad you posted here first 360 fan. Thanks!

marionz4382d ago

BUT my point is how can they sell 6 million by march when we will only just be getting it then, im sure we will more likely see it by mid 07, oh and sorry if you thought i was attacking your story, i was just shocked that sony made a statement like that considering they have failed to back up anything about the ps3 so far

Maddens Raiders4382d ago

I didn't feel you were attacking the story, as a supporter and investor to the brand, I just like to see my operational arms fighting back and barking; not just folding and aquiescing to outside pressure from naysayers. This is a typical start for a new launch. It's just amazing at how many people (around the world) are interested in the ups and downs of this iconic company. Not unbelievable -- just amazing. Carry on good man.

UrbanJabroni4382d ago

"...ship 2 million units of its PlayStation 3 game console worldwide by the end of December... "

OK, so you'd have to be a _very_ irresponsible executive to confirm these numbers if you didn't have solid evidence that this was true. The fact is, shareholders will (collectively) lose millions and millions of dollars if expectations aren't met.

That said, I think most of us can agree that given the current supply situation and the fast approaching deadline, Sony is going to have to use some very creative definitions of "shipped" to pull this off.

I'm _really_ not bashing here, but the plain fact is they delivered under the original expectation at launch and supply, at least anectodally, does not appear to be replenishing particulary fast. I'm guessing MS knew something specific when they said Sony was going to use "shipped to supplier", which has a 6-8 week turnaround to get to the store shelf.

For their sake I really hope they can (even creatively) meet their numbers. Wall street will NOT be forgiving if they do not, and even more heads will probably roll.

MicroGamer4382d ago

is not the same as having them in users hands. As you said, there will be a 6-8 week period before those units get sold, and then you have the ebay factor to consider, which extends the time many of those units will require to get into the hands of their final owner. In the meantime, however, those units in the pipeline and on ebay represent a loss for Sony as no games or movies will be sold to offset the cost of producing them. I don't see how Sony plans to make a go of it considering they need an attach rate of 30 to break even. Many people don't even buy 30 games for a system for the entire time they own it, and many buy used games and movies, which don't boost the attach rate at all because those games/movies have already been figured in to the average attach rate when they were first sold as new.

DJ4382d ago

Unexpected things happen, and businesses simply try to do the best they can. It's not like they liked having low shipment numbers, or intended to have things turn out that way. If they can ship close to 2 million units by the end of 2006, it'll be a hell of a feat. While there's no telling what will really happen, you can't dock them for trying.

FordGTGuy4382d ago

creating a half-assed console putting everything in it then trying to compete with every part of the market. (Tivo, Microsoft, etc) Then have a press conference the next day talking sh*t then the day after that they retract half of their statements and later on a 1/4 of the half left doesn't even make it to final?

How the hell are they going to ship 2 million when its mid-December and they have only sold 500k world wide?

Sticking and making the targeted numbers are totally different things.

Now one thing I will say is that I'm glad Ken is out of the high chair and they are getting back on the ball. Now if they can get out of the hole they were put in then I would be very impressed. Remember the more competition the better games at lower prices for everyone. ;)

Grown Folks Talk4382d ago

i agree with dj that is not their intention to have so few. at the same time, as i tried to explain before. it doesn't really matter. short is short regardless of the reason why. if someone tells you they are going to do something, but don't because something comes up you feel disappointed. now based on the reason, you may be more or less understanding of why they didn't, but you still wish they did it. the analogy i used before was this. dj tells me he's going to bring me 10 toys for kids in the hospital. while he's at home, his dog chews up 4 of the toys. there is no time to replace them. now it wasn't dj's intention or fault that he only has 6 toys instead of 10, but that's the situation. so A.) you bring the 6 toys you have left and choose who gets them somehow or B.) you "delay" bringing the toys at all until you have enough for everybody. so in the end it's either 10 disappointed people or 4 disappointed people. which do you choose?

UrbanJabroni4382d ago

If they ship 1,999,999 units by Decembar, Wall Street looks at this as a fail, and share prices will drop substantially. Unfortunately for Sony, even if they hit 2,000,000, if MS or Sony posts higher-than-expected numbers, Sony shares will also take a hit.

The key point here is that Sony has literally hitched the company and shareholder success on a single product...which is a terrifying idea for any company regardless of the product.

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