New Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Reflex Mode

Today Konami released a new trailer of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, showing off reflex mode.

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SaveFerris1194d ago

So why-y-y-y-y don't you use it?
Try-y-y-y-y not to bruise it?
Buy-y-y-y-y time don't lose it

loganbdh1194d ago

Oh its to late i disagreed to it already but i got your duran duran reference :)

chrisx1194d ago

I'll be playing with this mode turned off

scark921194d ago

I will try also, but I think the true reason its implemented is the fact the game has gone open, that the chances of getting caught are better, so I have a feeling I will start with it on, but get frustrated and turn it off haha.

Snookies121194d ago

Yep, Boss Extreme on MGS 4 was fun, and going through the game only tranquilizing enemies was even more fun. I do love some Metal Gear challenges. Though, I think I'm going to just tackle each level as I see fit this time. Rather than sticking to 'only stealth', or 'only guns blazing'. I honestly just want to experience the story of MGS V. Considering this is the last MGS game. I'll worry about the crazy hard/fun challenges after my first playthrough. Regardless, I think I'll turn off the Reflex mode for my initial run. I turned it off on Ground Zeroes right off the bat, and went through that just fine.

Lennoxb631194d ago

First playthrough I'll play with it on. Second playthrough I'll turn it off.

theshredded1194d ago

playing MGS4, can't wait to play as the Big Boss

Xman2K1194d ago

Play peace walker, 2nd best game in series and spiritual predecessor and prequel to V.

endzeitkind1194d ago

none reflex mode player here.

Jide1194d ago

Wasn't this feature in Ground Zeroes? Very annoying with the dart gun especially when you can't get a head shot

Allsystemgamer1194d ago

I had no problem getting head shots and just beat it again on hard yesterday :/

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