PlayStation already has its “Killer App” in PSNow. Sony just needs to believe in it

PSGamer: "While Microsoft are loudly working on a way to stream games from your Windows 10 PC to an Xbox One, Sony could potentially offer a PC gaming streaming service without the need for a PC at all. This is exactly what Gaikai specialised in before being acquired by Sony. Setting up deals with 3rd parties could see the best that PC gaming has to offer beamed directly to your PS4, PS3 or PSVita via PSNow, played on dedicated Keyboards and Mice. If Sony complete some smart business, we could see the likes of DOTA, Starcraft or World of Warcraft lining up next to Uncharted 3 and Killzone."

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FallenAngel19841195d ago

PS Now will always be a great feature, but not a killer app. I feel its too pricey for the mainstream market to take adopt universally. Its very unlikely that consumers without a PlayStation console will have a DualShock 3 or 4 lying around and would be willing to continue paying the subscription cost. Only PlayStation gamers with those other devices will do so.

Hk85karlsson1195d ago

There's probably over 100M users who have one (DS3/DS4) so there's no shortage of people within the PS community.

donthate1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

and yet PS Now has been a colossal failure!

The business is clearly not properly worked out, because the prices are completely ridiculous. It also requires you to have a controller to play.

I don't see a casual gamer itching to play suddenly run out to buy a controller so they can pay a monthly fee or pay exorbitant prices to play a few hours.

So that leaves only the crowd Sony already tried to appeal to, the core gamers that own the Playstation and the Xbox, but why would they settle for subpar performance.

They know all about the "1080p's", the "framerate's" and can feel the "controller lag" that I think Sony just made a huge billion dollar blunder.

Even more ironic is that MS is likely to have more quality BC games available for free than PS Now in the next 6-9 months!

thereapersson1195d ago

I actually enjoyed the trial I validated from when I picked up my PS4. It's just an extra cost per month I can't really swing at this time.

I'd certainly subscribe in the long run if I open up any disposable income. I don't know why Sony isn't marketing the service more, since they have a huge backlog of games already at this early stage.

Kleptic1194d ago

I feel like i follow this industry fairly well, and i know exactly what you mean...

I don't know anything about it...I had to replace a TV last fall, ended up getting a decent Sony model on black friday, and i'm fairly sure it actually has this built in (the box it came in says PSNow support, anyway)...and i know it supports bluetooth connections, as well as has some USB ports.

but i still have my PS3 so never looked more in to it...I figured i'd see or read more about it as the service got going...but its like its something no one talks about...Personally all i recall was seeing the pricing structure and going 'ok, nope'...and that was that...

harrisk9541195d ago

If you haven't been on PS Now lately, check it out. It is TOTALLY reworked and looks fantastic. The bottom line on price is that it is not a bad value for what you get-- Hell, HBO charges $15 to $20 per month for its cable subscription and $15 per month for its stand-alone HBO Now service. Streaming music services such as Spotify and Apple Music are $10 per month. So, I think that it is all what you want to spend your money on. PS Now is a great service for those who never owned a PS3... I even have access to it on my Bravia TV.

medman1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

I feel that for psnow to really take off, Sony has to make a way for gamers to play their library of titles that they've already purchased available for free through psnow streaming. Imagine having access to your ps3 and ps4 library through streaming without having to download. That would incentivize people to even check out older ps1 and ps2 titles, and perhaps pay for those if the prices are more accommodating than they are currently.

As it stands now, the prices are just too high for the average consumer. I have no doubt that at some point Sony will rectify this, as the service is still in it's infancy and they have a lot to figure out concerning games and pricing.

1194d ago
medman1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

It matters not if you give away titles, what is critical is getting people in the door and seeing the psnow system, experiencing how it works, and wanting more. As it stands, very few are going to utilize the service because they don't see the value in it. That will be a problem, mark my words. The key to any business is getting traffic...if you can't attract customers, it doesn't matter how good the service you offer is...nobody is going to see it.

medman1194d ago

It matters not if you give away titles, what is critical is getting people in the door and seeing the system, experiencing how it works, and wanting more. As it stands, very few are going to utilize the service because they don't see the value in it. That will be a problem, mark my words.

gangsta_red1194d ago

I disagree, I think PSNow has the makings to be THE killer app for PS4.

PS has some of the best games in the last two generations. Imagine having that whole catalog available at a reasonable price.

Imagine if Sony had a price structure similar to Netflix's streaming service. They need to have a 6 month to a year price structure for unlimited streaming of every game at a decent price.

Then they need to push the service and bring it to the forefront of the consoles UI. Get the word out there and tell everyone the benefits of having not only PS4 games to play but a huge back catalog of great games from PS1, PS2 and PS3 games.

"Its very unlikely that consumers without a PlayStation console will have a DualShock 3 or 4 lying around and would be willing to continue paying the subscription cost."

How hard is it for a consumer to pick up a controller? They purchased a TV they could easily buy a controller. Or maybe Sony can offer some kind of deal where a controller comes with every TV that has their service.

3-4-51194d ago

"Killer App" is such a douchey corporate word, that doesn't really mean anything.

Why does it have to kill stuff ?

Can't it just be an interesting feature or an additional program...why "killer" app? "

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Bennibop1195d ago

PS Now has great potential but Sony seem to be slow in sorting out the pricing structure as it is to expensive. I used the service during the UK beta and was very impressed but I believe it should be a £10 a month all access subscription. They should also give people free access to the games they already own which I believe would lead to more people paying for the service longterm.

Septic1195d ago

Even £10 a month seems a tad bit expensive. Make it like £6 and that seems more reasonable imo.

Bennibop1195d ago

Between £6-£10 a month and I would be happy.

Davi1231194d ago

I think we just need to be patient. PS Now is a new service, are only available in USA and UK (rest of europe: 2016, maybe) and it's still in Beta.

fermcr1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

"PlayStation already has its “Killer App” in PSNow"

Hummm... No.

When the competition offers BC for free on it's console, paying this much money for PSNow makes little sense... unless you are a die hard Sony fanboy and have money to throw away.

SquidBuck1195d ago

They could potentially make PS now free

fermcr1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Sony should be offering PSNow free to PS+ subscribers.

Paying this much for BC. NO thanks.

TOTSUKO1194d ago

Hypothetically speaking, sony does offer free PS Now games to gamers who still kept their old games. Wouldn't that make PS Now a potential killer app?
Unless your a die hard Xbox fanboy it doesn't matter what Sony can do to counter Microsoft.

Dario_DC1195d ago

It's NOT BC!!! This is a Streaming Service, right now you can play hundreds of PS3 titles, PS1/2 incoming.
BTW unless you still HAVE your OLD games, Xbox BC won't do nothing for you.. Not to mention that the games you still have must be in the compatibility list!
Don't compare one thing to another, it's not the same at all.

On topic: They just need to adjust the prices and the service becomes a Killer App.

freshslicepizza1195d ago

better pricing and also better selection. until sony gets that sorted out along with ps4 game support it will only cater to a small group.

Dewitt1194d ago

Except that arcade games show up automatically in your library, dlc confirmed, and all GWG titles on 360 will be back comp.

Volkama1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

BC is great, it brings the older XBox library to the console. PS Now has the potential to bring more, at least in terms of catalogue.

The article touches on bringing PC games to the console, and that would be scratching the surface. Theoretically Sony could develop games exclusively for the service, using the uncapped resource that a cloud infrastructure offers, and "beam" that game to the PS Now service. It doesn't need to be restricted to games that can run on hardware we've had in our homes.

Of course "potential" and "theory" is the full extent of that. It is not something that will happen any time soon. I could be wrong, but I think I read that the PS Now servers today are actually literally clusters of PS3 hardware, cell processors and all.

ninsigma1195d ago

Well psnow is not supposed to be bc so there's that. And why are people who only play ps fan boys?? Makes no sense to me.

Roronoa04111195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Look at it this way. BC does nothing for the person who never owned a 360. While as a PS Now subscription gives you access to the entire library of games and you don''t even need a PS4 as most new Smart TV's have PS Now. This also makes it better for people who don't want to go out and buy a console and spend $400 in one go and instead get access to an entire game library for a smaller monthly fee.

Death1195d ago

You may want to check out what's actually part of the PSNow subscription. It's a small sample of smaller games with most publishers opting out of the subscription package. You can still rent the games not included in the subscription for an additional cost. All in all PSNow has less than a third of the available games in the PS3 back catalog wit the sub having less than half of that.

yarbie10001195d ago

"BC does nothing for the person who never owned a 360."

All future GwG games are BC. Meaning XBO owners now get 4 free games a month.

Buy R6 Seige. Get RS:Vegas & Vegas 2
Buy Fallout 4: Get Fallout 3
Buy Just Cause 3: Get Just Cause 2.

Not sure it does nothing for people who never owned a 360

Number_91195d ago

Your opening statement is incorrect. BC benefits even those who did not have an Xbox 360 in the past via games with gold. I personally now own over 48 X360 games digitally and I only ever bought 2.

Roronoa04111195d ago

@Death That may be the case but I haven't ran into any of those yet considering I mostly play Sony's first party games on PS Now along with a few others I haven't had a problem with. all I'm saying is PS Now does have its advantages in areas. For example its multiplatform and can played on the Portable PS Vita as well as Smart TV's with no download or installation and I do have access to quite a few games even if it might not be the entire library.

@yarbie1000 You're right. those are free games and thats great and I can see it being good for story based games but a few of the games especially open world games like Fallout and Just Cause I don't see people buying the new game and then playing the old game unless the story and gameplay of the earlier iteration is better, but its still an option so it's good.

MeliMel1195d ago

@yarbie1000, well said!

Volkama1194d ago

"BC does nothing for the person who never owned a 360."

That doesn't make a lick of sense. If someone never owned a 360 but they do own an Xbox One then BC is like being given a whole new (old) console.

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Davi1231194d ago

PS NOW ISN'T BC!!! Is a sercive! For multiple devices!

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thereapersson1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Free access to the games users already own is the best idea for this service, as it really makes the most sense. Unfortunately, I think publishers would have the most issue with that strategy.

fulnattybrah1195d ago

Lmao, how is paying for old games killer? When you can just play your old games for free... That's right, freeeeeee

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