Final Fantasy XV Gets Info On New Monsters, Won’t Have Underwater Combat

More info revealed about the enemies in Final Fantasy XV.

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1106d ago
BG115791106d ago

Thank god!! Underwater combats are so gimmicky, it would be a waste of time and resources..

gangsta_red1106d ago

That pic for this article is hilarious. Somehow seeing Final Fantasy in the title but yet seeing dudes driving a car on scenic highway 1 just seems so non FF.

NovusTerminus1106d ago

"Non FF" is a silly term since everyone of them have been so different.

FFVII has had numerous highway battles in it, FFVIII had a car as a main way of travel.

DarkLordMalik1106d ago

Both FF VII and VIII featured vehicles. I bet you are not a fan of the series.

gangsta_red1106d ago

Never said I wasn't a fan of the series, just the pic seems so out of place when talking about FF.

Chaosdreams1106d ago

No need for water. We want the sky.

Eamon1106d ago

yep, still hoping for airship.

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