GF Editorial Blog: Is Fat Princess Contentious?

The controversy surrounding PSN game Fat Princess is just starting, and expect more since it seems that blogosphere has gotten wind of this one.

GameFocus editorialist explains why the game is contentious, by telling "the real reason" why the game is controversial.

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Daver3669d ago

That controversy is just ridiculous, just shut up!

Overr8ed3669d ago

This agrument is just plain stupid. if you think that Fat Princess applies to you then it does if you think that it doesn't then it doesn't. I think that Fat Princess can actually help people lose weight because they know that that eating 5 pieces of cake ill hurt you long term. This society has gone soft when it comes to physical health if your overweight lose it and feel better for yourself. Jesus, i hope Gabe Newell reads this cause he is in fact the Fat Princess that no one wants to protect (I pass the line an long time ago i kept on going :) )

bunbun7773668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Yes yes everyone has their own opinions, and while the opinions are NOT all equal, the value in expressing them is, and that is why I can confidently say- this author has their (his? her? don't care!)head right up their ass. "Too many dragons to tame?" F--- off! All the things I find abhorrent in a hypocritical society just comes boiling out when i read the article of someone who attempts to CENSOR work by stating what exactly?....sexism is a fact? so we can't be sexist by having a princess in a castle being rescued by men? Or have men feed the said princess, in a means to keep her "in the home"? Don't worry world, the least of your worries is a bunch of sexist nerds playing videogames instead of actually perpetuating this bullsh-- Last time I checked the reasons why woman are not as prevalent in the videogame industry was not due to the fact that most of the men already in the industry just do not want them there, it's due to the fact that woman just have not buckled down, shelled out the quarters, and got it on! (ok sorry all women out there that DO play games and maybe want to make some- i know you are out there- if you are reading this call me and we can play sometime) I need to smoke a phattie and go watch Grandma's Boy. Peace.

robotnik3668d ago

to be honest, its the first PSN cheap game that Im looking forward to, and interesting ( I dont really like games like elefunk or pixeljunk).