Metroid Wii U Release Date: Retro Studios Job Listing Gives Hope But Temper Expectations

IDT: ''The Nintendo Wii U’s shelf life is dwindling fast. With the existence of the Nintendo NX -- whatever that is -- and it’s future foray into the mobile game space, the Wii U will likely be phased out.

But that doesn’t mean there can’t be some awesome games coming to the Wii U before that happens. With the success of Splatoon and the continued popularity of Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, Nintendo is going strong with Wii U titles. And that library of games will get stronger with the release of Super Mario Maker as well as Star Fox Wii U.''

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wonderfulmonkeyman1225d ago

The fore-word up there starts with a sentence entirely ignoring Nintendo's own statements about not dropping the Wii U, for mobile or anything else.

Then we have Retro's own word on it, about how it would take them a couple of years to make Prime 4, if they started now, further leading to this article being hard to swallow.

That would put the game in a 2017 launch right alongside the NX, so unless they intend to make it a dual-console release for both NX and Wii U (which would admittedly fit their word of not abandoning the system, but I digress), chances are, this is a false alarm.

iplay1up21225d ago

I agree 100%. No way this game will come out till 2017. Of coarse Nintendo could do a Metroid on Wii U and then do a "remaster" that releases with NX, but that will not happen.

Sly-Lupin1224d ago

It sure would be nice to read an article on the WiiU that doesn't begin by calling it a dead platform.

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zavierkai1224d ago

I hope is not a DK game and if this another Dk game Nintendo has theirs heads in theirs asses.

swice1224d ago

At this point, I'd wait patiently for Prime 4 on NX.

However, I'd like a traditional Metroid game on Wii U in the meantime.

PistolsAtDawn1224d ago

I'm glad that more people will get to experience this amazing game series(instead of just trash talking it) and I understand wanting a bigger market. However for me it will always be an X1 game. Game that needs internet = Xbox game for me. I just hope that going multiplat doesn't mean Xbox gamers have to use EA Servers #noparity