Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya Talks Scalebound

AusGamers has an interview and preview feature with Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya for Scalebound where they ask about character customisation and just how much you can use the dragon commands.

From the interview:

"There’s a balance to strike with this, which should involve equal measures of challenge versus greed, and nurture versus power.

“So there really is no limit; there’s no restriction on how many times [you use Thuban] or you give the order to attack, but if you think about it naturally he is a living creature himself so if he’s too aggressive then it means at some point he’s going to wear down or if he gets too close for being too aggressive, he can gain more damage against himself,” Kamiya explains of Thuban’s commands and usage. “So it’s really about finding that right balance of ‘okay, I want to use Thuban this much, but have him come back a bit’ so you can have that right balance and so you can go for the final attack.

“In terms of customisation, the main character is really the dragon,” Kamiya continues.

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KiwiViper851222d ago

I wish I could Quantum Break myself into Holiday 2016.

spicelicka1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

lol me too man

Yetter1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

yes, Thankfully we've got a ton of great games inbetween to kill the time
Starwars Battlefront

Thats my list but I'm also missing like 20 games that may appeal to you.

Hell of a time to be a gamer. couldn't be happier with the holiday lineup

SquidBuck1222d ago

Can't wait for this and Neir 2! Both will be epic, guaranteed.

SquidBuck1222d ago

You know because they're both made by platinum, stupid fanboys.

Rookie_Monster1222d ago

Day one next Fall! Now moved up to my most anticipated game of 2016.

KiwiViper851222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

How are we gonna select Xbox Exclusive GOTY?

Way too many contenders

Rookie_Monster1222d ago

We can create a new category like Game of the Quarter 2016. Problem solved. :D

slate911221d ago

Way too many contenders. But I hope Sea of Thieves is worthy of GOTY when it drops. Scalebound didn't let me down. It's Rare's turn now :)

QuantumWake1222d ago

You should ask him on twitter and tell us what he says.