Sony Ericsson's G705 leaked, shows hope for the future


"An undeterred Sony Ericsson appears to have a handsome new slider on its way out in the near future -- according to a slew of pictures leaked to the se4m forums -- meant to sit beside the previously spied (and supposedly forthcoming) Remi. The device -- dubbed the G705 -- will feature GPS, WiFi, a 2.4-inch display, a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, 128MB of internal memory, and will run atop the A2 software platform. There's not a ton of info to go around right now, but if you hit the read link you can feast your eyes on a wide array of succulent photos. We're including another shot after the break, just in case you don't like traveling."

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Baka-akaB3707d ago

Really ? i like big screen , but this looks too ugly and bulky . And in my case i dont think i can ever return to mobiles without touch screens .

FantasyStar3707d ago

I want the Sony Ericsson W62S. Not some cracker box!

ugabugaz3707d ago

It looks horrible! The bottom keypad and top huge silver button don't match at all! I still like my W810i better. Sony Ericsson used to make good phones..

NarsilianShard3707d ago

what's with america and crappy phones? they had 3.2 megapixel phones in japan about 3 years ago. they are just starting to appear here now.

Ohhhh 128mb of internal memory! That's absurd considering how cheap flash memory is.