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Marty: For a span of five hours, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture transported me to one of the most detailed, fully realized worlds I’ve ever experienced in a video game. It builds a potent sense of place, populates it with rich characters, and delivers a fantastic mystery that culminates in a powerful payoff. It’s a wonderful way to experience a story, though Developer The Chinese Room is overzealous in making sure we take in all the atmosphere and story by slowing movement speed to a rate that seems to actively disrespect our time and patience.

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PC_601077d ago

I cant find this game on the ps store

KindaGrump1077d ago

Don't think it's out until the 11th

Rimeskeem1077d ago

you can still pre order it and pre load it though

XBLSkull1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

What is the price on this beast? A few hours ain't much gameplay but if it is $10 or less I'd consider buying it.

InMyOpinion1076d ago

Didn't expect this, but EGTTR is one of the most cumbersome and tedious games I've ever played. I love games like Life is strange and whatnot but I just thought this was awful. It's slow and pointless. Real letdown since I was really hyped for it. No idea why it's getting such stellar reviews to be honest.

iR_phantasm1076d ago

@opinion I felt the same way until i got into it a bit. Its very clever on explaining what happened, or what is happening. I truly felt like i was exploring the English country side, the attention to detail is unreal. Dig into it a bit deeper u might start digging git.

InMyOpinion1076d ago

@iR_phantasm - I've played a couple of more chapters now and I guess a lot of my disappointment came from not reading up too much on the premise of the game. I wanted to go at it fresh, which sometimes is good and sometimes not so good.

The craftsmanship put into it in the musical score, lighting(!) and pure moodiness is really impressive. Environments and design are impeccable, but for me the lack of interaction and SLOW walking takes away the urge to want to explore the surroundings. All I'm thinking is "if I go there I have to go all the way back afterwards". Lol, I feel like an OCD COD fan typing thing.

I just think the story could develop a bit faster and I'm not a fan of the pacing. It gets repetitive having to stand and listen to light figures jibber jabber with each other with no interaction at all from the player. And that's the ONLY way it progresses. So far there have been zero surprises gameplay-wise. It feels like a chore. BUT, the characters are growing on me and I want to finish it to see what happens/happened with them.

pivotplease1076d ago

Hmmm... from what you are saying it sounds kind of like Ether One which I hated (so damn boring and the plot did nothing for me). This does look more appealing in an artistic sense though (atmosphere, music, story, and graphics). It's like Proteus as well I guess. I like exploration in my games, but only if its done really well. Shadow of the Colossus for example was pretty fun to explore despite its emptiness. And it had the amazing gameplay to boot.

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Rimeskeem1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

hopefully this will help

unless you are trolling.....

hmmm, odd, it comes out tomorrow so it has to be on the store by tomorrow

PC_601077d ago

Its not on the UK store and i went online to try and pre order on there but it gives me an error

Genuine-User1077d ago

You'll have to wait until the store updates tomorrow. Check around 3PM BST

GribbleGrunger1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Are you sure? The UK now releases games on Tue instead of Wed. It was changed a few weeks ago.

edit: My mistake, I didn't realise it was passed midnight. Need to sleep ...

DharmaDan1081077d ago

It's there for me, just search for it. But the 20% discount or free theme isn't live yet so best waiting.

DragonDDark1077d ago

Hey! You'll get the same deal (Discount and theme) for 2 weeks after launch in other regions!

nucky641077d ago

I preordered it in the "spotlight" section

IamTylerDurden11077d ago

In NA it's available for preorder at 20% off ($15.99) plus u get an awesome dynamic theme free w/+.

Rapture is averaging approximately an 80 or 8/10 on Metacritic atm which is very good. It's obviously an excellent game and it has a Platinum trophy w/no collectible or grinding trophies. It has 20 total trophies including a Platinum and they're all interesting and exploration based.

If u preorder now u can preload it and play at midnight, can't wait!

UKmilitia1076d ago

i have played it,well i say played it i watched the game on youtube as a walkthrough with no commentary and its was boring imo,i cant believe the lack of interaction in it.
Look at the crap The Order received and this is just totally static,as i said on another site,you cant even kick the ball in the park.

you are litrly a camera moving round the world

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GNCFLYER1077d ago

Well, this wasn't really on my radar but after hearing so much positive I'm gonna pick it up..

Rimeskeem1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

I think it's digital only

Should be on the store right now so you can pre load, at least on the US. Its currently 3-4$ off for PS+ members as well.

GNCFLYER1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

I think your right. Gonna preorder if it's on the store tonight.

I really don't buy digital, when u preorder do these games preload?


Thank you.

IamTylerDurden11077d ago

It's 4$ off plus u get a spectacular dynamic theme and it preloads and is available at midnight.

It looks amazing.

1077d ago
VsAssassin1077d ago

I haven't tried Dear Esther, but I'll try this one when it comes out on the Hong Kong PS Store. Games like this are like open-ended books, and since I don't get to read books often, I'll give this a shot.

DougLord1077d ago

Sounds really good. $20 is great deal. Now there are 2 games I want on PS4. Gonna have to buy one soon.

Rimeskeem1077d ago

its 17 dollars with PS+ membership as well

IamTylerDurden11077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Dude stop, it's $15.99 w/+, not 17.

It makes a difference.

It's said to be about a 6 hr story if u run through it. I will guarantee u that i get at least 8-10 hrs out of it bc i enjoy taking in the beauty of games like this, take my time to appreciate what the developers made. Plus i will be going for the Platinum which will pack on hrs.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture looks phenomenal.

nowitzki20041076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

2? really? I hope you dont think of urself as a gamer then at least.

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