Quantum Break is Still Gorgeous, Exciting, and Mysterious| Windows Central

Windows Central goes in depth with their preview of Quantum Break at Gamescom. They got an extended look at the stage demo complete with developer commentary from Remedy Games.

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christocolus1193d ago

"Remedy's tendency for meticulous detail remains present, only in Quantum Break it's accentuated as a gameplay necessity. Minor objects that could get away with low-polygon counts in other games take center stage in Quantum Break"


wicked1192d ago

saw the demo at gamescom, it is superb, there is also a TV show that runs in parallel, and intertwines with the game. Can't wait for this.

Lamboomington1192d ago

I'm just concerned about that 'have to stop and watch the show for 20 minutes' in between ? Is that actually true btw ? Is it an essential part of the story ?
Can someone confirm if this is actually the case ?because if it is then it's risky...

Still, this is Remedy, and if it works out it could be mindblowing. Their story telling in Max Payne (aka Sam Lake) and Alan Wake was brilliant

wicked1190d ago

Not sure how it all fits together. Looking at the gameplay, I would think you could play trough the game and then when you watch the TV series you would go, I recognise this scene. The TV series is also interactive. You can have different outcomes depending on your choices.

Rookie_Monster1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Can't wait! This game looks like a marriage of Max Payne Bullet time gameplay with the suspense and mystery of Alan Wake. Very interesting to see how the TV show intertwined with the game as this is completely never done before in a game.

fermcr1192d ago

Was impressed by this game. As for the TV show, don't care. As long as I can play the game without the need to watch the TV show, fine by me.

poppinslops1192d ago

I like to alternate between whichever game I'm playing and the show I'm watching... in June it was 'Wild Hunt' and 'Code Geass' - which shared some themes and complimented each other - July was 'Sunset Overdrive' and 'Avatar: the Legend of Korra' (I now wish Insomniac would make an Avatar game).

If I can play an hour or two of Quantum Break before watching a show that reacts to the in-game choices I made, I'll be in hog heaven... Alan Wake was cinematic, well-written and immersive, but Quantum Break has the potential to be on a whole other level.

That said, I reckon the live-action component is optional... 22 minutes is a pretty long time for what is essentially a cutscene, and it's not a Metal Gear.

I think the show's focus on the villains is a good idea... I'm thinking it will give their in-game counterparts a depth rarely seen in videogame baddies - who are often illusive and kept at arms-length until the finale.

AnotherGamer1171192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

I am soo confused by all of this. I must be misunderstanding articles. Here is what I thought the game consisted of:

The game was setup in "chapters" and at the end of each chapter of play, there is a TV show to watch. The TV show will react (multiple versions have been recorded) to the what choices you are made in the game. Actually the "choice" is at the end of each chapter and you are making the choice based on the villian point of view.

Is this correct? I am trying to understand the hype surrounding this game. If it is, why are folks loving it? Seriously, you are stopped at the end of each "chapter" to watch a 20 minute TV Show before you can play the next area.

Personally, I have no issues with long cut-scenes if they are done well and really move the story along. However, so many games are bashed for long cut-scenes or is the bashing just fanboy nonsense again?