Top 5 PlayStation 4 Hidden Features (Satire)

Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"The PlayStation 4 is a console that I've really enjoyed since its launch. The games have been great, I've had awesome memories playing it, and the console itself is something in itself. Focusing in on that last part, we take a look at a few of the unknown features the PlayStation 4 holds and rank them from five to one. Do you know of the secrets that Sony's home console holds? Let's dive in and take a look."

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KindaGrump1193d ago

Hahaha. I wasn't for sure about this at first, but the bread and cat things got me for sure. Solid video! XD

GamingTechUnited1193d ago

Well thank you. It's always nice to step out of the serious side of the gaming community and have some fun with our videos. Glad you enjoyed it. It'll fall flat with some, but I hope enough enjoy it.

KindaGrump1193d ago

Oh it's nice, dumb humor for sure, but it's up my alley. Haha.

just_looken1192d ago

Maybe next time you can step in the side of knowledge your bread/garbage bag works on any console and that bread thing will work.

Any gpu past 2008 if overclocked or exposed with its fans disconnected will produce enough heat to cook food.

Also the rest were not funny but grade 2 stupidity.

GamingChip791193d ago

Wasn't a huge fan of this until that cat part. I died laughing. Also was that Wii U jab really necessary?

GamingTechUnited1193d ago

Oh it's all in good fun brother. No offense was intended. This was a satire piece. It was a PS4 v Wii U joke.

SquidBuck1193d ago

Never thought satire was funny, guess it's because I despise humor that isn't as witty as I am. Same goes for sarcasm, it's stupid and overused.

GamingTechUnited1193d ago

So is being an arrogant, elitist snob, but I digress. :)

SquidBuck1192d ago

or I have aspergers and think in black and white :P Who's the arrogant snob now ;)

Ozmoses1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

I would never treat any of my consoles with so little regard to their well being.. Even if I was trying to be funny or not.. or even if I was trying to make a point.

Xbox or Playstation or Nintendo... it doesn't matter...

I wouldn't be caught dead putting bread and other various things even near my consoles..

Take value in the things you own.. Good lord!

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